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Lockheed F-104G Starfighter

RNethAF D-6654  
SA.316B / SE.3160 Alouette III
RNethAF A-247 RNethAF A-292
RNethAF A-301 RNethAF A-499
North American T-28C Trojan
USN 140566  
Westland SH-14D Lynx
RNethNavy 277 RNethAF 283
159'V' Grumman US2N Tracker c/n 720 - Royal Dutch Navy / MLD - Aviodrome Lelystad, Holland - 5 September 2003 more military aircraft: helicopters

The Royal Dutch Navy / MLD operated 26 Grumman S2N and 17 CS2A Tracker anti-submarine aircraft from 1960 -1975. They were land based and until 1968 also based at the carrier Hr.Ms.Karel Doorman.

On 5 September 2003, Grumman US2N Tracker 159'V' was photographed at the Aviodrome at Lelystad Airport in the Netherlands. This Grumman US2N Tracker c/n 720 ex BuAer 148281 was original delivered to the Royal Dutch Navy / MLD as a Grumman S-2N. In 1972, the "159" was converted into the US-2N model and used as target tower. After being withdrawn from use at Den Helder-De Kooy on 1 October 1975, the Grumman Tracker was transferred to the aviation museum Aviodome at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. In 2003, the Aviodome moved to Lelystad Airport and was renamed Aviodrome.

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