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D-CBSG Beech 1900D c/n UE-44 - Air Charters Eelde - Groningen Airport Eelde in Holland - 10 October 1998 Groningen Airport Eelde (GRQ)

The Beech 1900D is a twin-engine transport aircraft for 2 crew and up to 19 passengers. The Beech 1900 was evolved from the Beech King Air 200. Development of the 1900 commenced in 1979 as a replacement of the feeder liner Beech 99 C. The prototype of the Beech 1900C Airliner flew first on 3 September 1982. The Beech 1900C uses about 45% of the parts of the Beech King Air 200 but incorporates a number of key design changes as a 5.5 meters lengthened fuselage. Next to the fuselage foremost of the improvements were the strengthened retractable tricycle type landing gear, the more powerful Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-65B engines and a modified tail. The certification was granted on 22 November 1983 and the Beech 1900C entered airliner service in February 1984. In 1991 after 257 built Beech 1900C the model was replaced in production by the Beech 1900D. Over 400 Beech 1900D are built. On 8 February 1980, the Beech Aircraft Corporation became a subsidiary of the Raytheon Company, the aircraft were therefore known as Raytheon Beech. In March 2007, Raytheon has completed the sale of its wholly owned subsidiary Raytheon Aircraft Company to the new company Hawker Beechcraft Inc. Since, the Hawker and Beechcraft product lines uses only the product brand name for the model, not the company name: the Beech 1900D is just known as the Beech 1900D.

In 1997, ACE - Air Charters Eelde started their operations with a Cessna 210, a Piper PA-31-350 and a Beech 200 at Groningen Airport Eelde in the Netherlands. The 1993-built Beech 1900D D-CBSG (ex. N80683, D-CBSG, OK-YES) was delivered to ACE on 25 September 1998. In June 1999, the Beech 1900D was reregistered PH-ACY. ACE stopped their operations early 2001. The aircraft were sold. Beech 1900D PH-ACY was registered with Rossair Europe B.V., Lelystad, on 21 May 2001. The aircraft visited Eelde frequently as Rossair / TTA operated the Amsterdam-Groningen route with Beech 1900D. The AMS-GRQ route was flown 4 times a day till Rossair stopped with this service on 8 July 2002. Registration PH-ACY was cancelled on 22 February 2005 and the Beech 1900D was registered ZS-MKE in South Africa with Solenta Aviation (Pty) Ltd. on 3 March 2005.

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