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Kaminskas Jungster 1

FK-Lightplanes FK14 Polaris

Blackshape Prime BS100

I-B953 PH-4N3
SAAB MFI-17 Supporter
SE-XUI T-417
T-421 T-431
RDanAF T-421 RDanAF T-431
Van's Aircraft RV-12
D-EBTJ Van's Aircraft RV-7 c/n 120546 - Flugplatz Aachen-Merzbrück in Germany - 3 December 2016 more at Aachen-Merzbrück

The Van's Aircraft RV-7, is a side-by-side two-seater, single-engine, low-wing homebuilt aircraft with either tricycle or tailwheel landing gear. The RV-7 is an all-around sport airplane, with excellent cross-country capability, fine aerobatic qualities and superior handling and capable of covering long distances at high speed. The RV-7/7A is sold in kit form and as a complete ready-to-fly aircraft by Van's Aircraft of Aurora, Oregon, USA. Van's Aircraft was founded in 1973 by the American aircraft designer Richard E. VanGrunsven. The RV-7 design is derived from the earlier RV-6, the main difference being a longer wing with slotted flaps to improve short-field capability. Up to now over 1000 RV-7/7A aircraft are completed.

On 3 December 2016, the Aachen based Van's Aircraft RV-7 D-EBTJ was seen in front of its hangar at Fluplatz Aachen-Merzbrück.

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