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HA-YAT Sukhoi Su-29 c/n 78-02 - RAFC - Oostwold-Oldambt airfield in Holland - 20 May 2013 vliegveld Oostwold-Oldambt

The Sukhoi Su-29 is a fixed wing, single-engine, two-seat aerobatic aircraft built and developed by the Sukhoi Company (JSC)in Russia. The Sukhoi SU-29 is a further development of the highly valued single-seat Sukhoi Su-26M aerobatic aircraft from the former Soviet Union. When developing the Su-29's aerodynamic configuration and airframe design, Sukhoi took into account the field experience gained in using the Su-26. In less than a year Sukhoi produced design documentation and built the first plane. Many design and technological solutions for the Su-29 were lifted from its predecessor; the extent of utilisation of common elements from the production Su-26 was 65%. The designers improved the mid-fuselage solution and engineered a second cockpit, and increased the wingspan and the fuselage length by 400mm each. Due to wide use of composite materials, which share up to 60% of the Su-29 aircraft structure, the empty weight increased by no more than 60 kg as compared to the Su-26 aircraft empty weight. On 9 August 1991, the first prototype aeroplane Su-29-1 was flown first by Ye.I. Frolov from the FRI airfield in Zhukovsky. The Sukhoi Su-29 demonstrate superior acceleration and rate-of-climb performance, excellent controllability, high level of permissible g-loads, and all-round field of view from the cockpit. In case of emergencies, the pilot is in a position to escape from the aeroplane using the SKS-94M ejection system. Early 1992, the first twelve aircraft were sold in the USA. On 7 July 1994, the Su-29 became the first aircraft in Russia to obtain full Russian Certification to AR-23 standard, according to Type Certificate Data Sheet number 60-29. The Russian Type Certificate Holder is Advanced Aircraft Construction Technologies, Moscow, Russian Federation. The Sukhoi Su-29 is fitted with one Vedeneyev (OKBM) M14P of 360 hp or M14PF of 400hp nine-cylinder radial piston engine, which is geared and supercharged. Over 50 Sukhoi Su-29 aircraft were built.

On 20 May 2013, "RAFC - Russian Flying Company" Sukhoi Su-29 HA-YAT was photographed at Oostwold-Oldambt airfield, the Netherlands, during an engine run. The aircraft was flown in its aerobatic show during the Oostwold Airshow 2013 by Stephen van Dijck. The 1995-built Sukhoi Su-29 c/n 78-02 was testflown as RA-7802 and registered RA-016102 in Russia. Since, the airframe was registered HA-YAT in Hungary. Sukhoi Su-29 HA-YAT was flown by the Real Aero Club de España until it entered service with RAFC at Lelystad Airport in 2011.

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