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PH-4L5 AutoGyro Cavalon c/n V00166 - Autogyro Nederland B.V. - Breda International Airport in Holland - 5 March 2015 more Breda International Airport

The AutoGyro Cavalon is a single engined side-by-side two-seater microlight gyroplane with an all-metal frame and a fully enclosed reinforced fibre shell cabin. The Cavalon is developed and built by AutoGyro GmbH at Hildesheim aerodrome in Germany and is a side-by-side variant of the successful Calidus fully-enclosed tandem twin. The closed cabin of the Cavalon is a monocoque reinforced fibre shell and has two side doors each with sliding and vent windows. A firewall is incorporated between the cabin and rear fuel tank / engine installation. The undercarriage and tail are also carbon fibre. For the rotorsystem of the Cavalon the proven extruded anodised aluminium NACA 8 H 12 rotor is used. The aluminium rotorblades have diameter of 8,40 m. The Cavalon has a composite 3-blades propeller in pusher configuration. Customers may chose from various Rotax engine options, including the Rotax 912 ULS with 100 HP; the Rotax 914 UL Turbo with 115 HP and the Rotax 912 iS with 100 HP. The AutoGyro Cavalon, a so called Ultraleicht Tragschrauber, received the German UL type certification from the DULV (German Microlight Association) on 28 November 2011. The Cavalon has a range of 650 km at a speed of 145 km/h; the max speed is 160 km/h. Over 100 Cavalon gyroplanes have already been produced.

On 25 July 2014, AutoGyro Cavalon c/n V00166 was registered PH-4L5 in the Netherlands with Autogyro Nederland B.V. as operator. The 2014-built Cavalon PH-4L5 is powered by a 4-cytlinder 84,5 KW Rotax 914UL DCDI engine. On 5 March 2015, the AutoGyro Cavalon PH-4L5 was seen at Breda International Airport in the Netherlands.

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