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D-MDIM TAKE OFF Merlin 1100 Avant - MLA airfield Dankern near Haren (Ems) in Germany - 17 September 2017 MLA Flugplatz Haren / Dankern

The TAKE OFF Ultraleichtflug Merlin 1100 is a trike and in basic a motorised hangglider built by TAKE OFF Ultraleichtflug GmbH, Hamm, Germany. This type of micro-light is piloted by displacing the centre of gravity. It remains true to its origins as it is piloted in the same way as the original delta-wings by using a trapeze. The Take-Off Merlin, powered by a converted four-stroke flat-twin BMW engine was introduced in 1998 as a further development from the 1994-Merlin 100. It uses a welded tubular structure with a single flexible arm for the mainwheel suspension. The in-house reduction gear and centrifugal clutch are well sorted and made for a smooth and quiet machine. Lift comes from the Drachen Studio (Avant) wing, that uses spoilers; the Aeros Profi wing or the Air Création wing that can be used. To mount the wing only the mast is folded down; engine and seats remain in position. When the wing is placed on the frame, only 40% of the wing weight is lifted by the pilot. The entire assembly of this double seat can therefore be carried out by a person (without a tool). The cruising speed of this trike is 80 km/h, with a maximum speed of 100 km/h

The TAKE OFF Ultraleichtflug Merlin 1100 Avant D-MDIM is powered by a BMW Air 1100 4-stroke engine. On 17 September 2017, the Merlin 1100 Avant D-MDIM was seen at the MLA airfield Dankern near Haren (Ems) in Germany.

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