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Bücker Bü.131 Jungmann
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G-BUOR CASA I.131E Jungmann c/n 2134 - 'without registration' - vliegveld Hoogeveen in Holland - 8 February 2018 Hoogeveen airfield (EHHO)

The CASA I.131E Jungmann two-seat biplane is a trainer evolved from the license built Bücker Bü.131A Jungmann. Bücker Flugzeugbau was founded by Carl Bücker in 1932. Their first design was the Bü.131A Jungmann powered by a 4 cylinder Hirth in line engine. The prototype "D-3150" flew first 27 April 1934. The Jungmann was ordered by the Deutsche Luftsport Verband and used as a trainer for the Luftwaffe. The Bü.131 was built under license in Japan, Switzerland, Czechoslovakia and Spain. In Spain production started 1938 and the CASA I-131 remained in production with the Construcciones Aeronàuticas Sociedad Anonima (C.A.S.A.) till the end of the fifties.

The CASA I.131E Jungmann c/n 2134 was original built in 1957 for the Ejército del Aire Español - Spanish Air Force - and registered E.3B-508 / 781-28. The aircraft was fitted by CASA with an ENMA Tigre G-IV-A2 engine. In service with the Spanish Air Force the Jungmann was used as a training aircraft. After being withdrawn from use in the Spanish Air Force it was registered civilian as EC-336. In 1991, the airframe was exported to the Netherlands and on 29 August 1991, registered N89542 in the USA with Brooks Dale, Dallas, Texas, with as note: partnership / other owner names M.I.M. Schermer Voest. Although the Jungmann was registered in the USA, the biplane was based at Lelystad Airport in the Netherlands. On 21 October 1992, the aircraft was registered G-BUOR in the UK with M.J. Aherne, St. Albans, as owner. On 22 July 1993, registration N89542 was cancelled as exported to the Netherlands. On 12 December 1995, the CASA I.131E Jungmann G-BUOR was registered with M.I.M. Schermer Voest, Soesterberg, Netherlands, as owner, and as before the G-BUOR was based at Lelystad Airport. On 24 May 2015, the CASA 1.131E Jungmann biplane G-BUOR landed short of the runway at Texel Airport. The undercarriage collapsed after striking a ditch and the aircraft was substantial damaged. After the aircraft had come to rest on the runway, the two occupants could leave the aircraft unharmed. The damaged aircraft was eventually transported to Hoogeveen for restoration in flying condition by ATN Aircraft Division B.V., Hoogeveen. On 8 February 2018, the aircraft was seen without registration during an engine-test in front of the ATN hangar at Hoogeveen airfield. After restoration, the aircraft will be registered PH-MSV in the Netherlands.

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