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OK-ZUP 02 ISON Aircraft (TEAM) MiniMAX - Prilezy airfield near Touzim in the Czech Republic - 7 June 1997 Ultralight aeroplanes

The TEAM MiniMax is a single seat ultralight plane. Wayne Ison designed in the early seventies an aircraft called the P.D.Q. It weighed only 220 lbs and was actually an ultralight aeroplane, licensed in the Experimental category. To produce and sell the kits of this aircraft TEAM (Tennessee Engineering and Manufacturing company) was established. The name Mini-MAX was choosen for the aircraft: Minimum-cost and a Maximum of pleasure and performance. TEAM Aircraft was later renamed in ISON Aircraft. The company produced kits for the Hi-Max; Mini-MAX; Z-Max; Eros; V-Max; AirBike and Tandem AirBike. The Mini-MAX can be ordered by the individual builder in a number of standard models: open or enclosed cockpit and a range of engines. Over 1000 kits of the MiniMax were sold, first with TEAM Aircraft later with ISON Aircraft in Bradyville, Tennessee. Today the Mini-Max and Hi-Max kits are built by JDT Mini-MAX LLC in Nappanee, Indiana, USA.

TEAM MiniMAX OK-ZUP 02 was photographed at Prilezy aerodrome near Touzim in the Czech Republic on 7 June 1997.
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