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OO-VOR Fiat G.46-4A c/n 199 - AMI MM53293 - Oostwold-Oldambt airfield in Holland - 20 May 2002 vliegveld Oostwold (EHOW)

The Fiat G.46 is a single-engine, all-metal cantilever low-wing two-seat trainer aircraft produced by the Italian manufacturer Fiat Aviazione. The G.46 incorporated inward-retracting landing gear and a glazed canopy for the tandem-seated pupil and instructor. The Fiat G.46 was the first new single-engined Fiat design built after World War II. The Fiat G.46 resembled its stablemate the WW2 Fiat G.55 very strongly, apart from the neatly faired enclosure for the second seat and that the engine is an 225 hp Alfa Roma 115-1-Ter (licence-built Gipsy Queen II). The G.46 was designed by Ing. Giuseppe Gabrielli, who had also designed the G.50 and G.55. The tailfin of the G.46 is almost identical to that of the G.50 and the undercarriage mirrors that of the G.55. The G.46 prototype first flew in June 1946, the G.46B prototype was flown for the first time in the summer of 1947. Some 220 Fiat G.46 trainers were built in both single and two-seat form and in various sub-types, with the single seater having a gun camera and a Breda-S.A.F.A.T 7.7mm machinegun. One hundred and fifty entered service with Aeronautica Militare and a total of seventy Fiat G.46 trainers went to Austria, Argentina and Syria. From 1958, the Aeronautica Militare began to be dispose of the G.46 fleet to Italian aero clubs.

The 1951-built Fiat G.46-4A s/n 199 entered service with Aeronautica Militare Italiana as MM53293. On 31 May 1961, after being withdrawn fom military service, the Fiat G.46-4A was registered I-AEKI with M.D.A. and based at Forli. On 19 October 1970, registration I-EAKI was cancelled and the aircraft was stored until it was sold to Belgium, where it became part of the Vormezeele collection at Brasschaat near Antwerp. On 5 April 1979, the Fiat G.46-4A was registered OO-VOR in Belgium. The aircraft was painted in Aeronautica Militare Italiana MM53293 colors and became a wellknown guest at airshows all over Europe.
On 20 May 2002, Fiat G.46-4A OO-VOR was seen in Aeronautica Militare Italiana MM53293 colors at Oostwold airfield (EHOW), during the Oostwold Airshow 2002.
The ICAO Aircraft Type Designator for the Fiat G.46 is G46.

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