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PH-2X6 Letov ST-4 Aztek c/n 402 - MLA airfield Stadskanaal in Holland - 19 June 2005 Ultralight aeroplanes

The Letov ST-4 Aztek is a side-by-side ultralight aircraft produced by Letov a.s. as a kitbuilt aircraft. Due to its design, the ST-4 Aztek could be used as an elementery trainer. Company history of Letov dates back to the first Czechoslovak aircraft factories founded in 1918 by the Czechoslovak Defense Ministry to repair the aircraft of the Czechoslovak Air Force obtained after the WW I. In 1923, Československou vojenskou továrnu na letadla, Letov (Czechoslovak military aircraft factory, Letov) was established. Over the years, Letov developed and produced a number of military and civil aircraft including gliders, bombers, fighters, trainers and transport aircraft. In 1991, Letov entered the microlight market with the single-seat high-wing Letov LK-2 Sluka ultralight. In 1996, the Letov ST-4 Aztek was introduced. The ST-4 Aztek was produced in the Letov factory until its bankruptcy in 1998. Substantial restructuring of the Letov company was performed. From the former Letov Aircraft Product Division, the daughter company Letov Letecká výroba a.s, was established. The new company was responsible for the production of parts and subassemblies for airliners and for the new Czech combat aircraft L-159 ALCA. Letov Letecká výroba was sold to Group Latécočre and production of LK-2, LK-3 and ST-4 was cancelled including any maintenance or support to the owners. On 1 June 2000, Letov Letecká výroba s.r.o. became a 100% subsidiary company of Latecoere, France. However factory production of the LK-2, LK-3 and ST-4 was cancelled in 1998, it was not yet the end of the production of these ultralights. Over the years, limited production was going on using the remaining tools and material purchased by a private builder.

The 1996-built Letov ST-4 Aztek s/n 402 was registered PH-2X6. with Ultra Light Nederland BV, Lelystad, on 3 September 1996. The aircraft is powered by a Rotax 528 UL DCDI 2-stroke engine. On  6 Movember 1998, Letov ST-4 Aztek PH-2X6 was registered with L.U. Bergsma, Tuk. On 4 January 2006, the aircraft was registered with its present owner, G. Postma, Zwagerbosch. Letov ST-4 Aztek PH-2X6 was photographed at the ULM-aerodrome Stadskanaal in Vledderveen, the Netherlands.

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