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PZL-Swidnik Mil Mi-2
D-HZPL Mil Mi2 'el Fidel'
D-HZPL Mil Mi2 'el Fidel'
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Mil Mi-17-1V
Mil Mi-12 (V-12) "Homer"
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RA-44501 PZL-Swidnik Mil Mi-2 c/n 5410610048 - ДоСААф - Flugplatz Stadtlohn in Germany - 25 February 2003 Flugplatz Stadtlohn (EDLS)

The Mil Mi-2 is an 8-10-seat multi-role transport helicopter powered by two Izotov turboshaft engines. The Mil Mi-2 (NATO reporting name 'Hoplite') was derived from the piston-engine Mil Mi-1. It provides accommodation for six-eight passengers and two crewmembers. In the ambulance role, it can carry four casualty stretchers and a medical attendant. The first of two prototypes of the Mi-2 or V-2 powered by two 400shp Isotov GTD-350 turboshaft engines mounted above the cabin was flown first in September 1961. Production was initiated in 1963 at the PZL Swidnik factory in Poland. The first PZL-Swidnik Mi-2 performed its first flight in November 1965. In 1988, the PZL W-3 Sokol replaced the Mi-2 in production. Over 5000 PZL-Swidnik Mil Mi-2 helicopters were built.

After the reunification of Germany in 1990, various aircraft and helicopters of the former NVA were sold to private individuals. It is not clear whether the PZL-Swidnik Mil Mi-2 RA-44801 was employed by the NVA or was realy ex Dosaaf, but it is striking that this helicopter was first seen in 1991 as RA-44501 at Mönchengladbach in fresh painted green Dosaaf colors. In June 1999, the RA-44501 was seen at Maastricht Airport where it stayed at least until the end of 2000. In 2002, the RA-44501 was seen first at Stadtlohn, where it stayed for several years. The present residence of the RA-44501 is not known yet.
On 25 February 2003, PZL-Swidnik Mil Mi-2 RA-44501 with ДоСААф titles (cyrillic for DOSAAF) was seen at Verkehrslandeplatz Stadtlohn-Vreden (EDLS) in Germany. s/n 5410610048 is given as seen on the plate of the PZL-Swidnik Mil Mi-2; there are rumours that the RA-44501 has s/n 5210510018 (ex CCCP-14174 and RA-14174).
The ICAO Aircraft Type Designator for the PZL-Swidnik Mil Mi-2 is MI2.

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