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SE-DJR Avro RJ85 / British Aerospace BAe 146 c/n E2392 - Malmö Aviation - Groningen Airport Eelde in Holland - 24 August 2012 Groningen Airport Eelde (GRQ)

The AVRO RJ85 / British Aerospace BAe 146 is a four engine shoulder-wing short-haul regional jet airliner for up to 120 passengers. Development of the BAe 146 started in 1973 as the Hawker Siddeley HS.146. Due to the economic recession in Britain that followed soon, the project was temporised. Development continued on a limited scale. In 1977, Hawker Siddeley and the British Aircraft Corporation merged into British Aerospace. In July 1978, the project was officially relaunched as the British Aerospace 146. Prototype British Aerospace 146-100, G-SSSH c/n E.1001, was flown first on 3 September 1981. Certification was granted in 1983 and the BAe 146 entered airline service with Dan Air on 27 May 1983. Production began in 1981 with the BAe 146-100 series, for 71-93 passengers, and ended in 1993 when the Avro 146-RJ that was evolved from the BAe 146 succeeded the model in production. A total of 221 AVRO RJ / BAe 146 airliners were built: 37 BAe 146-100, 113 BAe 146-200 and 71 BAe 146-300 series.

The 2001-built Avro RJ85 / British Aerospace BAe.146 c/n E2392 flew first on 20 November 2001 as G-6-392. On 29 November 2001, the aircraft was delivered as OH-SAL to Oy Air Botnia AB in Finland. Air Botnia was renamed Blue1 Oy in January 2004. Avro RJ85 OH-SAL remained in service with Blue1 until November 2011. On 25 November 2011, Avro RJ85 was ferried to Cotswold Airport in the UK for storage. Registration OH-SAL was cancelled as exported to Sweden on 24 May 2012. The same day, the aircraft was registered SE-DJR in Sweden as an Avro-146-RJ85 with Malmö Aviation AB, Malmö, as operator and Triangle Regional Aircraft Leasing Ltd., Hatfield, UK, as owner. On 24 August 2012, Avro RJ85 SE-DJR was seen at Groningen Airport Eelde in Malmö Aviation colours, still wearing the blue engines, blue stabilizer and blue top of the fin as in its time with Blue1.

page last updated: 28-08-2012
Photo Copyright © Jack Poelstra, the Netherlands

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