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Tecnam P92

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D-MFCI Tecnam P92 Echo Light c/n 1480 - Motorflugclub Hassfurt - MLA airfield Dankern near Haren (Ems) in Germany - 20 May 2018 Flugplatz Haren-Dankern

The Tecnam P92 Echo Light is a two-seat, single strut braced high-wings ultra-light aircraft built by Tecnam. Costruzioni Aeronautiche TECNAM S.r.l., Capua, Italy, was founded in 1986 by the Brothers Luigi and Giovanni Pascale (formerly Partenavia). Tecnam entered the MLA-market with the P.92 Echo. The Echo first flew in 1992. The P92 is deliverable completed or as an assembly-kit. Over the years the Technam P92 Echo evolved to the P92 Echo Super, P92-JS Echo, P92 Echo Super de Luxe, P92 Eaglet, etc.. The original P92 Echo was modernised over the years and is available as the P92 Echo Classic. Next to the MLA (Micro Light Aeroplane), the P92 is available as a VLA (Very Light Aircraft). In 2013, the P92 went to its sixth version with the P92 Echo Light, closing the loop to the origin of the model. Beside the the trcycle-gear (nose-wheel) versions the TD (Tail Dragger) and Sea-Sky (float) versions are available. Engine options are the Rotax912, 912S/ULS, 912iS, 914 and Lycoming O-233. The Tecnam P92 variants are in use as well as a Microlight touring and training aircraft. As VLA the P92 is also in use as a replacement for the aging Cessna 152 and Piper Tomahawk training aircraft.

In 2013, Tecnam P92 Echo Light c/n 1480 was registered D-MFCI in Germany with MFC Hassfurt e.V. and based at Flugplatz Hassfurt in Bayern. The 2013-built Tecnam P92 Echo Light D-MFCI is powered by a 80 hp light-weight Rotax 912 four strokes, liquid cooled engine. On 20 May 2018, the D-MFCI was seen at the MLA airfield Dankern near Haren (Ems) in Germany.
The ICAO Aircraft Type Designator for the Tecnam P 92 Echo Light is ECHO.

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