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D-MWHU SkyStar Kitfox Classic IV c/n 1860 - Flugplatz Griesau near Pfatter in Germany - 3 May 2003 more Ultralight aeroplanes

The SkyStar Kitfox Classic IV is a 2-seat microlight plane. It is deliverable as a homebuilt kit. Denney Aerocraft produced in a small factory in Boise, Idaho, USA, the first Kitfox kit in November 1984. The Kitfox was designed as a lightweight, two-place sport aircraft with excellent STOL (Short Takeoff and Landing) performance. The Kitfox evolved from the original Model 1 to continually improved versions referred to as the Models 2, 3, 4, and Classic 4. The Kitfox Model 4-1200, currently marketed under the name of the Kitfox Classic 4, is the final evolution of the original Denney Aerocraft Kitfox design that began in 1984. The Classic 4 kit has been sold continuously since late 1991. Over 4000 Kitfox kits have been delivered to builders throughout the United States, Canada, and over 42 foreign countries. In June 1992, SkyStar Aircraft Corporation purchased the rights to produce the Kitfox kit.

On 3 May 2003, SkyStar Kitfox Classic IV D-MWHU was photographed at Griesau airfield near Pfatter in Germany.
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