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Ultralight aircraft

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AP-MTKJ Air Creation XP-15

The Air Creation XP is a trike based on hanggliding. This ultralight concept has with the application of engineering plastics, glassfibers and other light and strong materials grown unto a light-weight aircraft. The Air Creation XP is a design of Air Creation from Aubenas in France. Practically it consist out of the XP wing under which a trike is fitted. On 11 September 2000, the obvious strange registered Air Creation XP-15 AP-MTKJ was seen at Kobylnica near Poznan in Poland. Obvious strange cause AP- is the prefix of Pakistan; this trike however is registered in Poland. Originally Poland used the prefix "PL" followed by three letters, the first two indicated the local aeroclub they belonged to- i.e. PL-GDC was operated by Gdansk Aeroklub. In 1998 they changed the prefix to be "AP" - Aeroklub Polski. The confusion about the registration is not strange. World-wide the aviation authorities have troubles with these microlights: as the wings and trikes are exchangeable and sometimes two sets of wings with the same registration are used at the same time on different trikes.

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  PH-3R9 Cosmos Phase III c/n 21532

The Cosmos Phase III is a trike and in basic a motorised hangglider. This type of micro-light is piloted by displacing the centre of gravity. It remains true to its origins as it is piloted in the same way as the original delta-wings by using a trapeze. The picture shows the development from the delta-wing hang glider into the modern Cosmos Phase III. On 19 October 2003, the 2002 built Cosmos Phase III PH-3R9 was seen at a temporary airstrip near Nieuw-Weerdinge in Holland. A new Cosmos Phase III trike can be bought with the 80 hp Rotax 912 or 100 hp Rotax 912S engine next to the possibility to make a choice out of different wings.

  D-MKUM Dallach Sunrise IIA

The Sunrise II was the first UL-aeroplane designed and built by Wolfgang Dallach. The prototype flew first in 1986. About 40 Sunrise II were built by Wolfgang Dallach Flugzeugbau and delivered complete or as a building package. Production of the Sunrise ended in 1991; the airframe remained in production as the basic for the Sunwheel biplane. Original the propeller is driven by a 40 hp, 2 cylinder 4-stroke Lemon-Visas engine. This engine is by most of the Sunrise UL-aeroplanes modified or replaced by a heavier engine. The 1990 built D-MKUM was photographed during the Old Timer Fly-In at Schaffen-Diest in Belgium on 19 August 2001.

  PH-2G4 Tandem Air Sunny Sport c/n 28.92

The Sunny Sport UL-biplane was designed by Dieter Schulz. Production by Tandem Aircraft KG started in 1989. The first year 25 Sunnies were sold. However the Sunny appeared to be a safe and stable aircraft, the sale figures of the Sunny went down over the years. Finally in 1999 Tandem Aircraft KG became bankrupt. The undoing of Tandem Aircraft KG was not the end of the Sunny. Alexander Dewald bought the rights. Both the tandem-seat Sunny Sport and the side-by-side versions are now produced in the factory of Dewald Leichtflugzeugbau at Schönborn-Mingolsheim near Speyer in Germany. Both versions feature a number of small, but significant, design changes. On 5 September 2003, the Sunny Sport PH-2G4 was seen at the airport of Lelystad in the Netherlands.

  PH-3W2 Platzer Kiebitz B-450 NIS c/n 247

In 1927, Focke-Wulf built the S-24 "Kiebitz" also known as the "Peewit". This biplane is a look-a-like with the UL-biplane "Kiebitz". The modern Kiebitz was designed by Michael Platzer and is available as an UL-biplane kit since 1984. Almost 300 Kiebitz biplanes already have been build by homebuilders throughout the world. When You want a new Kiebitz, You have to build it Yourself in accordance with the drawings! It costs a lot of perseverance: building a Kiebitz will take about 1500 hours. On 19 June 2005, Platzer Kiebitz B PH-3W2 was photographed at the MLA-airfield Stadskanaal in the Netherlands.

  D-MPKM B&F FK9 Mark II/TG c/n 053

The FK-Leichtflugzeuge FK-9 is a product of B&F Technik Vertriebs GmbH. Production of the airframes takes place in Krosno, Poland; assembly of the airframes and the final production of the aircraft in the factory in Speyer in Germany. Otto Funk (=FK) designed in 1959 on behalf of Heinkel in Speyer the complete metal glider Greif 1a (FK1). This was the start of the of a range of light aircraft. Otto Funk started in 1984 with the development of a light aircraft: the FK6. With this design the UL-market was entered. The break-through on this market was the introduction of the FK9 in 1989. The FK9 was a combined design of Otto and his son Peter. On 6 August 1997, FK9 Mark II/TG D-MPKM was seen at Flugplatz Haren-Dankern in Germany.

  OK-XUA-11 Toresi Straton D8 Moby Dick

The motorised ultralight sailplane Straton D8 Moby Dick was original driven by a Trabant or Rotax 227-engine. The wood construction V tail design has fibreglass wingtips and weights only 180kg. Like the D7 Mini Straton, the D8 was developed as a homebuilt motorised sail plane in the Czech Republic. It is available in partial kits or factory assembled leading edges, wing spars and ribs. Due to the low cost price, the Straton D8 is an attractive model for the homebuilder. The D8 is not only built in Europe, but also in the U.S.A. The 1992 built Straton D8 OK-XUA-11 was photographed at Letnany aerodrome near Prague on 8 June 1993.

OO-B71.jpg (192073 bytes)   OO-B71 Noble Hardman Snowbird mk.IV c/n SB-008

On 9 June 1996, Noble Hardman Snowbird mk.IV OO-B71 was photographed at Hoevenen airfield, situated hug the motorway Bergen op Zoom - Antwerp. This Snowbird was built in 1987 by Noble Hardman Aviation Ltd. and registered G-MTXV in the UK on 3 May 1988. The aircraft was sold to Belgium and registration G-MTXV was cancelled on 15 November 1993. The microlights built by Noble Hardman Aviation were testflown at the Cardiff-Rhoose Airport in Wales. The NHA Snowbird mk.IV G-MVIM owned by the Yorkshire Air Museum is still registered in the UK.

ph-2t2.JPG (231962 bytes)   PH-2T2 S.M.A.N. Petrel c/n O 55

The S.M.A.N. Petrel is a two-seat single-engine microlight amphibian bi-plane. Development of the Petrel started in 1983. The Petrel flew first in November 1986. In 1988, after a number of modifications and a considerable amount of testing, the S.M.A.N. - Societé Morbihannaise d'Aero Navigation in France, started series-production of the kit for Europe and the U.S.A. On 24 August 1997, the 1995-built SMAN Pétrel PH-2T2 was seen at the former MLA-airfield at the Maasvlakte near Rotterdam. This airfield was owned and operated by the Stichting Rijnmond Ultra Light Maasvlakte. The PH-2T2 is powered by a lightweight Rotax 912 UL DCDI engine.

PH-2Z7.jpg (205775 bytes)   PH-2Z7 Tecnam P92 Echo c/n 249

S.R.L. Costruczioni Aeronautiche TECNAM was founded in 1986 by the Brothers Luigi and Giovanni Pascale (formerly Partenavia). Tecnam entered the MLA-market with the P.92 Echo. The 1997 built Tecnam P92 Echo PH-2Z7 is powered by a light-weight Rotax 912 UL DCDI engine. This P92 is a MLA (Micro Light Aeroplane). On 6 August 1997, Tecnam P92 Echo PH-2Z7 was seen at Flugplatz Ganderkesee in Germany. The P92 is deliverable completed or as an assembly-kit. Next to the MLA-models the P92 is available as a VLA (Very Light Aircraft).

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