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PH-2G4 Tandem Air Sunny Sport c/n 28.92 - Lelystad airport in Holland - 5 September 2003 Ultralight aeroplanes

In the early eighties, the Sunny Sport UL-biplane was designed by Dieter M. Schulz-Hoos. The first prototype was flown in 1987. Production by Tandem Aircraft KG in Salgau started in 1989. The first year, 25 Sunnies were sold. Although the Sunny appeared to be a safe and stable aircraft, the sale figures of the Sunny went down over the years. This resulted in the bankruptcy of Tandem Aircraft KG in 1999. The undoing of Tandem Aircraft KG was not the end of the Sunny as Alexander Dewald bought the rights. In the period 1999-2008, both the tandem-seat Sunny Sport and the side-by-side versions were produced in small numbers in the factory of Dewald Leichtflugzeugbau at Bad Schönborn-Mingolsheim near Speyer, Germany. Both versions feature a number of small, but significant, design changes. In Dezember 2008, AIRKRAFT Leichtflugzeugbau GmbH Hoffmann & Kraft in Beringen, Switzerland, acquired the equipment and rights for the production and was responsible for the pattern support. The company filed for bankruptcy on 30 June 2010. With the bankruptcy of AIRKRAFT Leichtflugzeugbau GmbH Hoffmann & Kraft, production of the Sunny came to an end. Over the years, the aircraft was offered in the versions: SUNNY Sport = tandem seat arrangement; SUNNY Targa = side-by-side seating arrangement; SUNNY Side-by-Side = side-by-side seating arrangement, partially covered. The Sunny can be equipped with the following engines: BMW 1000; Rotax 582 DCDI; Rotax 912 UL; Göbler-Hirth 3203 V/E; Göbler-Hirth F30 A1; Göbler-Hirth F 30 E and a Verner SVS 1400.

On 28 February 1992, Tandem Air Sunny s/n 28.92 was registered PH-2G4 in the Netherlands. The registered type of the aircraft changed into Tandem Air Sunny Sport on 15 January 1998. After the CofA expired over a year, registration PH-2G4 was cancelled on 10 October 2006.
On 5 September 2003, Tandem Air Sunny Sport PH-2G4 was seen at Lelystad Airport in the Netherlands.

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