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Aviasud AE-206 Mistral

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PH-2S6 Aviasud AE-206 Mistral c/n 179 - MLA airfield Stadskanaal in Holland - 1 May 2004 more Ultralight aeroplanes

The Aviasud AE-206 Mistral was developed by Aviasud Engineering in Fréjus, France, was designed by two Belgian born engineers: Francois Goethals and Bernard d'Otreppe. The Mistral, a three-axis, tricycle landing gear, microlight biplane powered by a Rotax 532 engine, was flown first in 1985. This side-by-side two-seated ULM (Ultra Light Motorised aircraft) is highly unusual in having swept forward wings. The Aviasud AE-206 Mistral was manufactured by Aviasud Industries in Fréjus, France and the first delivery took place in April 1986. The exact number in service world-wide is unknown but just over two hundred were built in France. Next to the production in France, the Mistral was under licence manufactured in Brasil by Ultraleger Industria Aeronáutica Ltda. The Mistral remained in production by Ultraleger until 2004. Their Mistral B and C were powered by a 65 hp 2 cylinder, 2 stroke liquid cooled Rotax 582 UL-DCDI engine. On 4 May 1987, the Mistral made history when it was flown to the geographic North Pole by Nicolas Hulot. This Mistral was accompanied by another ULM: the Explorer, a highly modified Avid Flyer, flown by Hubert de Chevigny.

Aviasud Mistral c/n 176 (ex D-MONF) was registered PH-2S6 in the Netherlands on 3 March 1995. The 1992-built ultralight bi-plane is equipped with a Rotax 582 UL engine. The aircraft was photographed at the MLA-airfield Stadskanaal in Vledderveen, the Netherlands.

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