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D-HNPV Agusta-Bell AB.206B JetRanger II c/n 8379 - Flugplatz Diepholz-Dümmerland in Germany - 22 May 2022 Flugplatz Diepholz (ETDN)

The Agusta-Bell AB.206B JetRanger II is a 5-seat light utility helicopter powered by a single Rolls Royce Allison 250-C20 turbine engine. In 1961, Bell developed Model 206 as the OH-4A to meet the U.S.Army requirements. The OH-4A flew first on 8 December 1962. However the Bell OH-4A didn't win the competition, the helicopter was a success as the Bell 206 Jet Ranger. The prototype of this five-seat commercial model, the Bell 206A JetRanger N8590F, flew on 10 January 1966. Bell received FAA certification for the helicopter on 20 October 1966, and deliveries of the Model 206A powered by a 317 shp Allison C18A engine, started in January 1967. In the early 1970s production switched to the Model 206B JetRanger II with a 400 shp 250-C20 turboshaft. The Model 206 was built under license by Agusta in Italy as the AB.206 Jet Ranger. More than 4800 206Bs and 1700 206Ls have been produced since the introduction of the 206A JetRanger on 13 January 1967, when the first two production aircraft were delivered to customers. Since then, Bell has delivered five different generations of the commercial 206 with its 206A/B JetRangers and 206L/L1/L3/L4 LongRangers. Production of the Bell 206B3 JetRanger ended in 2011; production of the Bell 206L4 LongRanger IV ended in June 2017. At the end, the Bell 206 aircraft were produced at Bell Helicopter's facility in Mirabel, Canada. The ICAO Aircraft Type Designator for the Agusta-Bell 206B helicopters is B06.

In July 1974, Agusta-Bell 206B JetRanger II s/n 8379 was registered D-HBLK in Germany with Bauunternehmung und Betonwerke Lorenz Kesting GmbH & Co. KG, Borkenberge. After loss of airworthiness, the helicopter was stored without rotors at Bonn Hangelar as withdrawn from use since 1995. In 1998, it's CofA expired. On 23 July 2001, the helicopter was destroyed by fire on the ground at Schwaigern Stetten, further details are not known. On 9 August 2001, registration D-HBLK was cancelled. The JetRanger II was transported to Kassel-Calden for rebuilt and was restored and refurbished by February 2003. In March 2003, the helicopter was registered as D-HBLK with HST - Helicopter Service Thüringen, Jena/Schöngleina Airfield. On 28 September 2004, registration D-HBLK was cancelled as exported to Austria, where it was registered OE-XWW with Heli Team Austria Beteiligungs, Ramsau am Dachstein. In June 2006, registration OE-XWW was cancelled as exported to Germany. Although registration D-HNPW was reserved, this was not taken up and the Agusta- Bell 206B JetRanger II was registered D-HNVP with private owner/operator at Herzogenaurach Airfield in July 2006. From 11 November 2013, the helicopter was operated by AVEO Air Service, Bonn-Hangelar. In February 2020, Agusta-Bell 206B JetRanger II D-HNPV was transferred to AIR LLOYD Flight Services, Bonn-Hangelar.
On 22 May 2022, Agusta-Bell 206B JetRanger II D-HNPV was seen during the Fly-in at Flugplatz Diepholz-Dümmerland (ETND).

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