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D-HEAB Bell 407 c/n 53605 - Heliteam Sd - "Circuit van Drenthe" near Assen in Holland - 26 June 2010 "Circuit van Drenthe"

The Bell 407 is a lightweight seven seat multi-role helicopter with a four blade main rotor and two blade tail rotor, powered by a single turbine engine. Fitted with a Rolls Royce (Allison) model 250-C47B engine with Chandler Evans EC-135 (FADEC) Fuel Control System, the helicopter has a radius of 575 km. Based on the Bell Model 206 series, the Bell 407 concept is a result of the in 1993 started development work for a replacement for the Bell JetRanger and LongRanger. The first Bell 407 helicopter was a Bell 206L3 LongRanger modified to the Bell 407 concept that flew first as N407LR on 21 April 1994. Prototype / pre-production Bell 407 C-GFOS (c/n 52901) flew first on 29 June 1995, followed by C-FORS (c/n 52902) that flew first on 13 July 1995. First production airframe C-FWQY (c/n 53001) flew 10 November 1995. Full rate production started after receiving the Transport Canada certification on 9 February 1996 and FAA certification on 23 February. First customer delivery was at the Heli-Expo, Dallas, in February 1996. The Model 407GX was introduced in 2011. The Bell 407GX has an integrated glass flight deck that provides aircrews essential flight information at a glance for greater situational awareness, improved operational capability and increased safety. Model 407 s/n 54300 and subsequent are fitted with the Integrated Avionics System Garmin 1000H) and have the commercial designation of 407GX. Bell has delivered over 1100 Bell 407 helicopters to customers throughout the world. The ICAO Aircraft Type Designator for the Bell 407 helicopters is B407.

On 7 June 2004, Bell Helicopter Textron Canada Ltd. registered the 2004-built Bell 407 s/n 53605 as C-FBGO. The Bell 407 was transferred to Bell Helicopter Textron Inc., Forth Worth, Texas and registration C-FBGO was cancelled on 16 July 2004. On 19 July, the aircraft was registered N8061U. This registration was cancelled as exported to Russia on 3 August 2004. In Russia the Bell was registered RA-01890. In 2008, registration D-HEAL was assigned but not taken up. On 9 May 2008, the Bell 407 was registered D-HEAB in Germany with EAS Eagle Air Service GmbH. The aircraft was jointly operated with Motorflug GmbH at Baden Airpark. In 2009, the D-HEAB entered service with Heliteam Sd. The Heliteam Sd' helicopter was photographed at the helipad of the "Circuit van Drenthe" near Assen in the Netherlands when operated as a camera helicopter during the 80th Dutch TT. On 26 June 2016, Bell 407 D-HEAB was substantial damaged in a crash near Kassel-Calden on its way from Assen to Ingolstadt with a planned refueling stop at Kassel-Calden. That day, the Heliteam Sd' helicopter had finnished its job as a camera helicopter during the 86th Dutch TT.

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