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D-HHVV Bell 412HP c/n 36059 - HDM Flugservice GmbH "Christoph Thüringen" - Bad Berka in Germany - 30 July 2005 lifeliner helicopters

The Bell 412HP is a 15-seat medium lift utility helicopter with a radius of 745 km, powered by a 1800shp PT6T-3BE Turbo Twin-Pac made up of two Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6T-3B turboshaft engines linked through a combining gearbox. On 8 September 1978, the Bell Model 412 program was announced as a development of the Bell Model 212 (UH-1N). The helicopter is basically a Bell 212 fitted with a new composite four-blade rotor. The first Bell 412 helicopter was a modified 212 that flew first in August 1979. The certification of the Model 412 followed in January 1981, the first deliveries were done the same month. The helicopter is produced under license in Italy by Augusta as the AB412 and in Indonesia by IPTN as the NBell 412. Bell built the helicopter in Canada for the Canadian Armed Forces as the CH-146 Griffon. The Model 412HP (High Performance) features an improved transmission system and entered production in 1991. Next to the role as passenger transport the Bell 412 is in use as EMS helicopter with a crew of 2 pilots, a HEMS-crew-member (Paramedic) and an emergency doctor. Over 620 helicopters of the Model 412 were built.

ITH (Intensiv Transport Hubschrauber) Bell 412HP D-HHVV "Christoph Thüringen" was photographed at the helipad of the Luftrettungszentrum Bad Berka in Germany. This Air Rescue Centre is situated at the location of Zentralklinik Bad Berka. Operations of the Air Rescue Centre Thüringen started in April 1992 in Erfurt. The ARC Thüringen moved in January 1996 to the Central Hospital in Bad Berka. The helicopter of Luftrettungszentrum Bad Berka used first a helipad at the parking in front of the hospital. In January 2001, the ARC moved to the new station next to the hospital. This station was built to house an ITH and a RTH helicopter and is one of the largest hangar centres for rescue helicopters in Germany. The Bell 412HP helicopters of HDM Flugservice GmbH are equipped with weather radar and are available for intensive care transport and emergency rescue by day and night. When needed, HDM Flugservice, ARC Thüringen uses also BK117 helicopters of Team DRF - Deutsche Rettungsflugwacht e.V. The air rescue centre at Bad Berka is on 24-hour standby. Callsign "Christoph" is used for the German lifeliner helicopters since 1970 and is derived of Saint Christophorus, the Patron Saint for all travellers. The 1993-built Bell Helicopter Textron 412HP s/n 36059 (ex N6173A) was registered D-HHVV in August 1993, and delivered to HDM Flugservice GmbH. In 2001, HDM Flugservice GmbH became a member of Team-DRF. In December 2011, Bell 412HP D-HHVV was transferred to Agrarflug Helilift GmbH, Ahlen. In February 2012, registration D-HHVV was cancelled and on 28 February the Bell 412HP was registered VT-DCM with Deccan Charters Ltd., Bangalore, India, as operator and Agrarflug Helilift GmbH & Co.KG, Ahlen, Germany, as owner.

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