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PH-VAS Agusta-Bell 47J-2A Ranger c/n 2076 - n.v. general aviation rotterdam - Groningen Airport Eelde in Holland - 29 June 1968 Groningen Airport Eelde (GRQ)

The Bell 47J Ranger is a four-seat light utility helicopter powered by a single Lycoming engine. The prototype of the Bell 47 was flown first on 8 December 1945. Production deliveries of the Bell Model 47 helicopter began in 1946. The helicopter was delivered to civil and military operators. The Bell 47 design developed over the years. In 1956, the Model 47J-1 with a 4-seat cabin and a monocoque tail boom was introduced. The Bell 47-J-2 Ranger with hydraulic power controls, fixed elevator, and metal rotor entered production in 1960. The sub-variant Model 47J-2A is powered by a 270hp Turbocharged Lycoming VO-540-B1B3 engine. This model was produced by Agusta in Italy as the Agusta-Bell 47J-2A Ranger. Agusta built 123 Model 47J-2/J-3 helicopters before production of the J-series ended in 1966.

On 29 June 1968, the 1964-built Agusta-Bell 47J-2A Ranger PH-VAS was photographed at Eelde airfield in the Netherlands when it was in for the Dutch TT in Assen. On 7 October 1964, Agusta-Bell 47J-2A Ranger c/n 2076 was registered PH-VAS in the Netherlands, with Limburgse Aannemings Maatschappij NV, Heerlen. On 5 January 1967, the PH-VAS was registered with NV Luchtvaartmaatschappij General Aviation, Luchthaven Rotterdam. On 24 january 1972, registration PH-VAS was cancelled as exported and the Agusta-Bell 47J-2A Ranger was registered I-TULI in Italy with Eliservizi Italia Roma. Since, the helicopter was withdrawn from use and registration I-TULI was cancelled.

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