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UR-11819 Antonov An-12BP c/n 6344009 - Vitair - Rotterdam The Hague Airport in Holland - 9 March 1997 Rotterdam The Hague Airport (RTM)

The Antonov An-12 is a four-engine transport aircraft with a max payload of 20,500 kg or up to 4 crew and 90 troops. The An-12 (NATO reporting name 'Cub') is a military development of the An-10 airliner. The An-12 flew first in 1958 powered by four Kuznetsov NK-4 turboprops and differs from the An-10 in featuring a more upswept rear fuselage and rear loading ramp. Series production of the An-12, powered by four Ivchenko AI-20K turboprops, in a number of variants continued until 1973. More than 1240 An-12s were built in the former USSR/Ukraine.

Antonov An-12BP s/n 6344009 was built in May 1966 as an Antonov An-12LL. Registered as CCCP-11819 the aircraft was operated first as an flying laboratory and test-bed aircraft with a 'Pinocchio' nose, probe beneath the tail and fairing under the fuselage, with an external pod fitted to the forward fuselage. It is known that An-12LL CCCP-11819 was used for the verification of operation of new systems for conducting radio-technical reconnaissance (ELINT) and radio-electronic warfare (REB). The Antonov An-12LL was painted in all-grey colors with a Soviet flag on the fin. The external pod was later removed and the Antonov was repainted in Aeroflot colors with a blue tail. In 1991, the Antonov was in the aircraft plant No 135 in Kharkov converted to a standard An-12BP transport aircraft. With the disintegration of the Soviet Union in December 1991, when the Ukraine separated from the Soviet Union, Aeroflot was reorganized into hundreds of separate airlines and the An-12 CCCP-11819 was included in the fleet of a privat Ukrainain company and re-registered UR-11819. In 1994, Antonov An-12BP UR-11819 entered service as a freighter with Vitair, Kiev. In 1999, Vitair ended its flying activities and An-12BP UR-11819 was stored at Kharkiv-Sokolniki. In 2000, An-12BP UR-11819 was used again, this time by an Ukrainian operator known as ICAR or Icarus. In June 2004, An-12BP UR-11819 entered service with Motor Sich Airlines, Zaporozhye, and is still in use with this company. On 9 March 1997, Antonov An-12BP UR-11819 was seen in service with Vitair at Rotterdam The Hague Airport in the Netherlands.

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