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205 Daussault MD.450B Ouragon c/n 227 - Frenche Air Force TO - Tours-St.Symphorien in France - 25 June 1995 Lockheed F-104G Starfighter

On 25 June 1995, the Armée de L'Air Daussault MD.450B Ouragon "205 / TO" was seen at Tours-St.Symiorien Air Base (B.A. 705) in France. However marked "205" the airframe is in fact Daussault MD.450 Ouragon n° 227. The marks "205 / TO" are a tribute to the original Daussault MD.450B Ouragon that served with Patrouille de France. In it's active life, MD-450B n° 205 served as '2-SE'and '2-SF'and flew as 'TO' with the Patrouille de France acrobatic team. On 20 January 1961, this Ouragon was written off. Daussault MD.450N Ouragon "227" served in the French Air Force as '4-UE' and '4-UH' before it was preserved falsely marked as "205" "TO" at Tours-St Symphorien.
Today, the falsely marked Dassault MD-450B Ouragan "205 / TO" is on a pole near the entrance to Base Aérienne 705 "François et Jean Tulasne" in Tours.

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