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Grumman G.164A AgCat

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D-FADA Grumman G.164A AgCat c/n 287 - Dutch Air Sprayers - Groningen Airport Eelde in Holland - 1 August 1970 agricultural planes

The Grumman G-164 Ag Cat is a bi-plane aircraft designed for agricultural crop spaying. The Grumman G-164 Ag Cat was certificated for agricultural work in January 1959, following development from the prototype that was flown first on 22 May 1957. Production aircraft were assembled by the Schweizer Aircraft Corporation between 1959 and 1979 under sub-contract from Grumman. In 1981, Schweizer bought the design and production rights. Until they sold the manufacturing rights to AgCat Corporation in 1995, the AgCat remained in production with Schweizer.

In December 1968, Dutch Air Sprayers, Siddeburen, was established by the agricultural pilots Slagman and Post with support of Agragflug, Worms, Germany. However it was an Eelde based operator most of their aircraft were hard to see at the airport. One of the first signs of flying activity was the arrival of Grumman G-164A Ag Cat 5Y-AIZ on 8 February 1969. This Ag Cat was destined for Farmers Air Work Ltd. in Kenya and was flown by Dutch Air Sprayers. On 13 February, Ag Cat 5Y-AIZ departed on delivery to its homebase Nakuru in Kenya. Mid-April 1969, Grumman G.164A Ag Cat's SE-ENW and SE-ENT arrived by car at Groningen-Eelde. They were brought in flying condition and registered PH-DAP and PH-DAS. Dutch Air Sprayers flew all over the world in countries like Sudan, South Africa and Suriname. Next to the PH-DAP & PH-DAS they operated at least the Ag Cats D-FACU and D-FADA. For crop-spraying a Hughes 300 was leased from Merava, Germany. As the Benelux dealer for Champion they operated Champion 7GCBC Citabria N7566F. For sightseeing and instruction flights Cessna F.172H PH-VVV and Cessna TU206C PH-EEG were operated. During an auction, four ex.RLS Beech D-18S (PH-UDH, PH-UDS, PH-UDU and PH-UES) were bought on behalf of Agrarflug GmbH, Worms, Germany / International Ag-Cat Distributors Inc., Arlington (VA), USA, for a total of DFL.120.000. The aircraft were parked in front of the German hangar at Groningen-Eelde awaiting resale. Next to the Beech D-18S, Piper L-18C Super Cub N8944 was parked and offered for sale. Dutch Air Sprayers defunct in 1971.

In January 1965, Aviation Services' Grumman G.164A Agcat 6Y-JDP and 6Y-JDR arrived crated at Rochester in the UK. Both aircraft were operated at Jamaica with Aviation Services Ltd., Oracabessa. On 9 June 1966, the 1964-built Grumman G.164A Agcat c/n 287 (ex 6Y-JDP, N725Y, N11E) was registered G-ATVY with Aviation Spraying Services Ltd., Rochester. The aircraft was sold in the USA and on 13 October 1968, the Ag Cat went to Germany via Southend for crating. Registration G-ATVY was cancelled on 25 October 1968 as exported to the USA and registration N8285 was allotted. In July 1970, Grumman G.164A Agcat was registered D-FADA with Agrarflug GmbH, Worms, Germany, and arrived at Groningen-Eelde on 22 July 1970. The Agcat was flown by Dutch Air Sprayers, Siddeburen. After the defunct of Dutch Air Sprayers, Ag Cat D-FADA returned to Agrarflug. In March 1977, registration D-FADA was cancelled and the aircraft was registered PH-ZLD with A.M. Prince, Zonnemaire in the Netherlands, on 24 March 1977. The aircraft was substantial damaged when the aircraft hit on the head during a crash landing at Aerdenburg on 13 September 1977. Registration PH-ZLD was cancelled on 5 December 1977. The wrekkage was sold in Germany.

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