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D-MKUM Dallach Sunrise IIA - Schaffen-Diest airfield in Belgium - 19 August 2001 Schaffen-Diest aerodrome (EBDT)

The Dallach Sunrise IIA is a 2-seat microlight aeroplane. The Sunrise II was the first UL-aeroplane designed and built by Wolfgang Dallach. The prototype flew first in 1986. About 40 Sunrise II were built by Wolfgang Dallach Flugzeugbau and delivered complete or as a building package. Production of the Sunrise ended in 1991; the airframe remained in production as the basic for the Sunwheel biplane. Original the propeller is driven by a 40 hp, 2-cylinder 4-stroke Lemon-Visas engine. This engine is by most of the Sunrise UL-aeroplanes modified or replace by a heavier engine. Wolfgang Dallach developed not only the Sunrise and Sunwheel but also the Diabolo and the Fascination.

On 19 August 2001, the 1990-built Dallach Sunrise IIA D-MKUM was photographed during the Old Timer Fly-In at Schaffen-Diest airfield in Belgium.
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