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D-MOMF W.D.Flugzeug Leichtbau D4 Fascination BK - Vreden-Wenningfeld aerodrome in Germany - 25 February 2003 more Ultralight aeroplanes

The W.D.Flugzeug Leichtbau D4 Fascination BK is a 2-seat microlight aeroplane. The D4 Fascination was designed and built by Wolfgang Dallach. The prototype flew first in 1996. Wolfgang Dallach developed not only the Fascination but also the Diabolo, Sunrise and Sunwheel. The Fascination is produced by W.D. Flugzeug Leichtbau GmbH from Heubach, Germany. It is powered by a Rotax 912 UL or Rotax 912 ULS engine. The maximum speed of the D4 BK is restricted on 260 km/h. The Fascination is deliverable complete and as a kit. By the building package the GFK-shells of the fuselage and the wings are already glued. It takes still about 800 hours to build a the plane out of the kit. Next to the Ultralight, the Fascination is also available as a VLA.

The W.D.Flugzeug Leichtbau D4 Fascination BK D-MOMF was photographed at Stadtlohn-Wenningfeld airfield near Stadtlohn in Germany.
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