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D-MHRG Fisher FP-202 Koala c/n St-004 - Varrelbush aerodrome near Cloppenburg in Germany - 19 August 1990 more Ultralight aeroplanes

The Fisher FP-202 Koala is a single seat plane designed by Wayne Ison in 1981 and produced since by Fisher Flying Products, Edgeley, USA. The Fisher FP202 "Koala" has been in production as a kit since about 1983. The craft uses all wood geodetic construction covered in standard aircraft covering materials. Standard features include an enclosed cockpit with removable side panels, large pneumatic tires, a controllable tail wheel, 5-gallon fuel tank, fibreglass cowl and full scale plans. Using the standard kit it takes about 500 hours to build a plane; using the Quick-Build kit it takes about 200 hours to build the plane.

On 19 August 1990, Fisher FP-202 Koala D-MHRG was photographed at Varrelbush aerodrome near Cloppenburg in Germany.
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