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ER-AZF Antonov An-26 c/n 9510 - Jet Line International - Groningen Airport in Holland - 1 July 2005 more at Groningen Airport Eelde

The Antonov An-26 is a twin-engine transport aircraft with a max payload of 5.500kg or up to 4 crew and 40 passengers. The An-26 (NATO reporting name 'Curl') is a militarised development of the An-24 airliner. The pressurised An-26 flew first in 1968 and differs from the An-24 in featuring a rear loading ramp, more powerful lvchenko turbine-engines and an auxiliary turbojet in the right engine nacelle. This turbojet can serve as a booster for takeoff. A development of the An-26 with improved freight handling system is called the An-26B. More than 1400 An-26s and An-26Bs were built in the former USSR / Ukraine.

On 30 June 2005, Jet Line International Antonov An-26 ER-AZF came on a cargo-flight at Groningen Airport Eelde in the Netherlands. Jet Line International or Jet Line Airlines is based in Kiev, Ukraine. The charter airline operates a fleet of IL-76 and An-26 aircraft.

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