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PH-3R9 Cosmos BI Phase III c/n 21532 - at a temporary airstrip near Nieuw-Weerdinge in Holland - 19 October 2003 Ultralight aeroplanes

The Cosmos BI Phase III is a trike and in basic a motorised hangglider. This type of micro-light is piloted by displacing the centre of gravity. It remains true to its origins as it is piloted in the same way as the original delta-wings by using a trapeze. The picture shows the development from the delta-wing hangglider into the modern Cosmos Phase III. A new Cosmos Phase III trike can be bought with a 80 hp Rotax 912 or a 100 hp Rotax 912S engine next to the possibility to make a choice out of different wings.

The 2002-built Cosmos BI Phase III c/n 21532 was registered PH-3R9 in the Netherlands on 23 September 2002. Cosmos BI Phase III PH-3R9 was photographed at a temporary airstrip near New-Weerdinge in the municipality Emmen in the Netherlands.

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