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AP-MTKJ Air Creation XP-15 - Kolbylnica aerodrome near Poznan in Poland - 11 September 2000 Ultralight aeroplanes

The Air Creation XP-15 is a trike based on hang gliding. This ultralight concept has with the application of engineering plastics, glassfibers and other light and strong materials grown unto a lightweight aircraft. Air Creation XP is a design of Air Creation from Aubenas in France. Practically it consists out of the XP wing under which a trike is fitted. The trike is powered by a 60hp two cylinder, four stroke HKS-700E Sport aircraft engine. The obvious strange registered Air Creation XP-15 AP-MTKJ was photographed at Kobylnica airfield near Poznan, Poland, on 11 September 2000. Obvious strange cause AP- is the prefix of Pakistan; this trike however is registered in Poland. Originally Poland used the prefix "PL" followed by three letters, the first two indicated the local aeroclub they belonged to- i.e. PL-GDC was operated by Gdansk Aeroklub. In 1998, they changed the prefix to be "AP" - Aeroklub Polski. The confusion about the registration is not strange. Worldwide the aviation authorities have troubles with these microlights: as the wings and trikes are exchangeable and sometimes two sets of wings with the same registration are used at the same time on different trikes.

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