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Cirrus Design SR20

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Cirrus Design SR22

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SAAB 91 Safir

SAAB 105 / Sk 60B
RSwedAF 60069  
SE-LUC/D/E/F/G Cirrus Design SR20g2 c/n 1479/1483 - TFHS - Groningen Airport Eelde in Holland - 28 February 2005 more at Groningen Airport Eelde

The Cirrus Design SR20 and SR22 are four-seater aircraft, standard equipped with the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS). This safety system lowers the entire aircraft to the ground in extreme emergencies. The Cirrus Design SR20 and SR22 aeroplanes for Europe and Africa are delivered out of Duluth, Minnesota in the USA via Groningen Airport Eelde in the Netherlands. General Enterprises b.v. at Eelde airfield is the agent for Europe and Africa; the European Distribution Centre of Cirrus Design Corp. will be build at Groningen Airport Eelde. On 28 June 2004, TFHS - Trafikflyg Högskollan / Lund University School of Aviation (LUSA) signed an order for delivery of 5 Cirrus SR20-G2 aircraft as a replacement for their ageing Scottish Aviation Bulldogs in use for their basic aviation training. These Cirrus SR-20s are equipped with Electronic Flight Information System (EFIS). On 28 February 2005, the Cirrus SR20s were photographed at Groningen Airport Eelde, prior to the delivery to their new home base Ljungbyhed airport in the southern part of Sweden.

The Cirrus Design SR20s designated for TFHS - Trafikflyg Högskollan were registered first in the US on 20 January 2005 and arrived under US-registration at Groningen Airport Eelde in the Netherlands. After being prepared for TFHS, the aeroplanes were registered with Lunds Universitet in Sweden on 23 February 2005. Cirrus SR20g2 c/n 1479 SE-LUC was registered first N53329 in the US. The registration N53329 was cancelled on 2 March 2005. Cirrus SR20g2 c/n 1480 SE-LUD was registered first as N53330. The registration N53330 was cancelled on 10 February 2005. Cirrus SR20g2 c/n 1481 SE-LUE was registered first as N53335, the registration N53335 was cancelled on 23 February 2005. Cirrus SR20g2 c/n 1482 SE-LUF was registered first as N53345, the registration N53345 was cancelled on 10 February 2005. Cirrus SR20g2 c/ 1483 SE-LUG was registered first as N53353, the registration N53353 was cancelled on 10 February 2005.

page last updated: 11-03-2005
Photo Copyright © Jack Poelstra, the Netherlands

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