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Bell 47G

Agusta-Bell 47J Ranger
SA.316B / SE.3160 Alouette III
RNethAF A-292 RNethAF A-499
Bell Helicopter Textron 206L
XT245 Westland-Bell 47G-3 Sioux AH.1 c/n WA-404 - Army Air Corps - Groningen Airport Eelde in Holland - 15 April 1968 more at Groningen Airport Eelde

The Bell 47G is a three-seat light utility helicopter powered by a single Lycoming six-cylinder air-cooled piston engine. The prototype of the Bell 47 was flown first on 8 December 1945. Production deliveries of the Bell Model 47 helicopter began in 1946. The helicopter was delivered to civil and military operators. About half of all Bell 47s have been built for U.S. services. The U.S.A.F. designated its Bells as H-13s The U.S. Army version of the Bell 47G is the OH-13H Sioux with dual controls, stretcher kits and two radios. The OH-13H has been evaluated in the close-support role with machine guns and rockets.U.S.Navy versions included the HTL-1 upto the HTL-7. The Bell 47 design developed over the years and was in production till 1976. Helicopters like the Bell 47G were common as cropsprayers.

On 15 April 1968, A.A.C. Sioux XT 245 was photographed at Eelde airfield in the Netherlands when it was in for fuel together with Sioux XT244 and XT246. The Bell 47 was ordered for all three UK services: 253 Bell 47G Sioux were built by Westland under licence from Agusta and Bell. After being phased out with the Army, Sioux AH.1 XT245 was converted for the civil market and registered D-HHRK as a Westland-Bell 47G-3B-1 in June 1978. On 11 July 1978, Westland-Bell 47G-3B-1 D-HHRK was destroyed in an accident.

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