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D-FJKA Antonov An-2TD Colt c/n 1G174-26 - SKYDIVE STADTLOHN - Nordhorn-Lingen in Germany - 28 March 2014 more oldtimers biplanes

Designed originally for agricultural duties under the designation SKh-1, the An-2 utility transport flew for the first time on 31 August 1947. Of robust construction and suitable for operations from short, semi-prepared strips, the Antonov An-2 has been manufactured for both military and civil roles. The An-2 remained in production until 1991. Over 18.000 of the different types were built in the Ukraine (5000), Poland (12000) and China (1000).

The Antonov An-2TD c/n 1G174-26 was registered first in the DDR as DM-WJO on 27 May 1977. Antonov An-2TD DM-WJO was operated by the GST (Gesellschaft fr Sport und Technik). This Society for Sport and Technology (GST) was a mass organization in East Germany related to the NVA (Nationale Volksarmee) the Army of the Deutschen Demokratischen Republik (East German Army). On 2 February 1982, the GST aircraft was re-registered DDR-WJO. On 18 June 1991, the bi-plane was re-registered D-FWJO with BTS as operator. In August 1999, the An2TD D-FWJO was seen in service with FSC Mecklenburg. On 23 January 2003, registration D-FWJO was cancelled, but reserved again the same day. In 2006, the aircraft was seen active again with a private owner. Since, the Antonov An2-TD was transferred to Skydive Stadtlohn and based at Stadtlohn airfield. Antonov An-2TD D-FWJO is powered by a Shvetsov ASz-62 IR engine and was seen at Flugplatz Nordhorn-Lingen "Klausheide" in Germany on 28 March 2014.

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