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N9486Q Ayres S-2R-T331 Turbo Thrush c/n T331-2504R - tom vliegt voor U - Lelystad Airport in Holland - 24 May 1991 more agricultural planes

In 1953, Leland Snow constructed his first crop-duster Model S-1 before graduation from Texas A&M University. The Texas A&M College Aircraft Research Center is known from the AG-1 Agricultural plane that was designed by Fred Weick in 1950. The AG-1 might be considered as the mother of all modern crop-sprayers in the world. The prototype Model S-1 (N5385N c/n 1001) was extensively tested in South America before the improved Model S-2 reached production. The pre-production prototype Model S-2, was first flown in 1956. Production of the S-2B by Snow Aeronautical Company started in 1958. North American Rockwell acquired the design and production-rights of the S-2 series in November 1965. The S-2R was marketed by the growing Aero Commander Division of Rockwell. Ayres Corporation took over the rights in 1977.

On 24 May 1991, the 1978-built Garret Turboprop powered' Ayres S-2R-T331 Turbo Thrush N9486Q was photographed at Lelystad airport, the Netherlands, when in service with Tom van der Meulen / Aero Service.

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