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D-ESOT S.P.P. Z-37A Cmelak c/n 08-11 - Flugservice Berlin - Flugplatz Anklam in Germany - 5 June 2015 agricultural planes

The S.P.P. Z-37 Cmelak agricultural aircraft was designed as the successor of the Brigadyr. Flown for the first time on 30 June 1963, series production started during the spring of 1964. The power plant of the Z-37 was a 310 hp Avia M462 RF nine-cylinder radial air-cooled engine. However the Z37 was primarily designed as a cropduster, it was also used as a transport aircraft and for aerial photography, search and rescue, fire fighting and glider towing. The model developed over the years and the 365 hp M601Z Turbine powered version Z-137T Agro Turbo was flown first in September 1981.

On 5 June 2015, S.P.P. Z-37A Cmelak D-ESOT was seen at the Anklamer Flugplatz in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in Germany. The 1975-built Z-37A Cmelak s/n 08-11 was registered first DM-SOT with Interflug, Betrieb Agrarflug. In 1981/1982, the DM-prefix was replaced by the DDR-prefix. Over the years, Interflug, Betrieb Agrarflug operated ninety five Z-37 and one hundred thirty-three Z-37A Cmelaks as agricultural aircraft and six two-seat Z-37-2 and nine two-seat Z37A-2 as training aircraft. On 1 October 1990, after the breakup of Interflug the DDR-SOP joined the Flugservice Berlin fleet. As of 3 October 1990, the East German DDR-prefix was no longer valid, all active DDR- registered aircraft had to be re-registered. It is not yet known when Z-37A Cmelak DDR-SOP was re-registered D-ESOP and if and where it was stored. When seen at Flugplatz Anklam it had flown 8.543 hrs and made 26.073 landings. The aircraft is owned by FSB (Flugservice Berlin) and part of the static display of the Otto Lilienthal Museum (Aeronauticon) at Flugplatz Anklam (EDCA).

Note: some sources give s/n 21-02 for the S.P.P. Z-37 Cmelak D-ESOP. This is not logical. If it is s/n 21-02, the Cmelak was operated before as DM-SWC; DDR-SWC.

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