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European Airfields -N-
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Airfield Country ICAO IATA Runway Information
Nagykanizsa Hungary LHNK   1000 Nagikanizsa aeroclub   Nagykanizsa aerodrome
Namest nad Oslavou Czech Republic LKNA   2393 Czech Air Force- Nameste nad Oslavou
Namsos-Hoknesora Norway ENNM OSY 800 Namsos lufthavn
Namur-Temploux-Suarlée Belgium EBNM QNM 696 Aero Motion -L'aérodrome de Namur / Temploux   EBNM — Namur / Suarlée
Nancy-Essey France LFSN ENC 1400 Aéroport Nancy-Essey
Nancy-Malzeville France LFEZ   1000 Aéro-Club de l'Est   AC de l'est - aérodrome Nancy-Malzéville
Nancy-Ochey France LFSO   2436 ba133 - Base aérienne 133 de Nancy
Nangis-les Loges France LFAI   1025 Aéro-Club Marcel Dassault   AC Albert Moreau   Aérodrome de Nangis les Loges
Nantes-Atlantique de Bouguenais France LFRS NTE 2900 Aéroport Nantes Atlantique   Aéroport Nantes Atlantique   Nantes Spotters
Napoli-Capodichino Italy LIRN NAP 2650 Aeroporto Internazionale di Napoli - Naples Int'l Airport
Narvik-Framnes Norway ENNK NVK 830 Narvik lufthavn, Framnes
Nauen-Bienenfarm Germany EDOI   850 Flugplatz-Bienenfarm   Aerolight Flugschule   Flugsportclub märkische Falken 
Naxos Island Greece LGNX JNX 900 Naxos Island National Airport   Naxos Airport
Netheravon UK EGDN   1090 the Army Parachute Association, Netheravon
Neubrandenburg-Trollenhagen Germany ETNU FNB 2292 Flughafen Neubrandenburg - Trollenhagen
Neuburg-Egweil Germany EDNJ   640 Flugplatz Neuburg-Egweil, Deutschland
Neuburg an der Donau-Zell Germany ETSN   2440 Neuburg an der Donau -  Jagdgeschwader 74 "Mölders"
Neuchatel Switzerland LSGN   700 Neuchatel-Airport, Suisse   Aéro Club Neuchâtel
Neuhausen ob Eck Germany EDSN   1248 Gewerbepark take-off - Flugplatz Neuhausen ob Eck - ehemalige Heeresflugplatz EDPH
Neumagen-Dhron Germany EDRD   750 LSV Neumagen-Dhron - Flugplatz Neumagen-Dhron
Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz Germany EDPO   686 Flugsportvereinigung Neumarkt   Sonderlandeplatz Neumarkt
Neumünster Germany EDHN EUM 600 Flugsport-Club Neumünster
Neustadt-Glewe Germany EDAN   1200 Luftsportverein und Flugplatz Neustadt-Glewe
Neustadt-Segeletz Germany EDAI   925 Sonderlandeplatz Segeletz-Berlin in Brandenburg
Neustadt an der Aisch Germany EDQN   600 FSG Neustadt a.d. Aisch - Flugplatz Neustadt a.d. Aisch
Nevers-Fourchambault France LFQG NVS 1630 Aéroport Nevers - Fourchambault   Aéroport de Nevers
Newcastle-Woolsington UK EGNT NCL 2329 Newcastle Airport   EGNT - Aeroplane Spotting Air North
Newquay-Saint Mawgan UK EGDG NQY 2744 Aviation at NQY - Newquay Cornwall Airport   RAF St Mawgan
Nice-Cote d'Azur France LFMN NCE 2963 Aéroport Nice Côte d'Azur   Aéroport de Nice Côte d'Azur
Nicosia-Kirklar North Cyprus LCEN ECN 2755 Nicosia-Ercan International Airport   Ercan International Airport, Northern Cyprus
Niederöblarn Austria LOGO   730 Club-Sportunion - Alpenflugzentrum Niederöblarn
Niederstetten Germany ETHN   1015 Flugplatz Niederstetten   airfield guide Niederstetten   Transporthubschrauberregiment 30
Nienburg-Holzbalge Germany EDXI   850 Flugplatz Holzbalge   Flugplatz Nienburg-Holzbalge
Nikolaev (Mykolayiv) Ukraine UKON NLV 2555 aerodrom Nikolaev (Mykolaiv)
Nimes-Courbessac France LFME   945 L'Aéroclub du Gard - L'Aérodrome de Nimes-Courbessac
Nimes-Garons France LFTW FNI 2440 Aeroport Nimes-Arles-Camargues   NAS Nimes-Garons
Niort-Souche France LFBN NIT 1760 Aéroport Niort - Marais Poitevin   ACN - Aéro Club de Niort
Nis Serbia LYNI INI 2200 Aerodrom Konstantin Veliki - Aerodrom Nis - Nis International Airport
Nitra Slovakia LZNI   1080 Aero Slovakia   Letiska Nitra-Janikovce -  Aeroklub Nitra - Vitajte
Nittenau-Bruck Germany EDNM   553 Flugplatz Bruck Nittenau
Nivelles-Baisy-Thy Belgium EBBY   350 ULM Baisy-Thy; het grootste ULM-centrum van België
Nivelles-Buzet Belgium EBBZ   280 ULM Belgique - Aéroclub de Buzet
Nizhniy Novgorod Russia UWGG GOJ 2805 aerodrom Nizhny Novgorod (Strigino)
Nogaro France LFCN   800 ACBA - Aéro-club de Bas-Armagnac   Malibos aviation
Norden-Norddeich Germany EDWS NOE 720 FLN Frisia-Luftverkehr - Flugplatz Norden-Norddeich   Aero-Club Norden-Norddeich
Nordenham-Blexen Germany gliders 1000 Premium Aerotec "Weser" Luftsportverein in Blexen
Norderney Germany EDWY NRD 1000 Flugplatz Norderney   Luftsportgruppe Nordeney
Nordfjordur Iceland BINF NOR 1112 Flugmálastjórn Nordfjordur
Nordhausen Germany EDAO   895 Fliegerclub Nordhausen am Harz e.V.
Nordholz Air Base Germany ETMN NDZ 2439 Marinefliegergeschwader 3    Mfg 3   Nordholz (ETMN)
Nordholz-Spieka Germany EDXN   875 Sportfluggruppe Nordholz-Cuxhaven e.V.
Nordhorn-Lingen Germany EDWN   800 Flugplatz Nordhorn - Lingen   Historischer Flugzeuge
Nördlingen Germany EDNO   500 Rieser Flugsportverein Nördlingen e.V - Flugplatz EDNO
Norrköping-Kungsangen Sweden ESSP NRK 2200 Norrköping flygplats   Norrköpings Automobil och Flygklubb
Norrtalje-Mellingeholm Sweden ESSN   650 Roslagens Flygklubb - Mellingeholms flygfält ESSN near Norrtälje
North Weald UK EGSX   1930 North Weald Airfield   North Weald Airfield Users Group
Northampton-Sywell UK - England EGBK ORM 909 Sywell Aerodrome Ltd   AeroExpo UK
Northeim Germany EDVN   655 Flugplatz Northeim   Harzflug
Nörvenich (Kerpen) Germany ETNN   2440 Luftwaffe Jagdbombergeschwader 31 - Nörvenich/Kerpen
Norwich-Felthorpe UK - England     487 Felthorpe Flying Group (FFG) - Felthorpe airstrip
Norwich-Horsham St Faith UK - England EGSH NWI 1842 Norwich International Airport
Norwich-Seething UK - England EGSJ   800 Seething Airfield - Waveney Flying Group
Notodden Norway ENNO NTB 1393 Notodden Flyplass, Tuven   Sandefjord SFK   Oslo Seilflyklubb
Nötsch im Gailtal Austria LOKN   730 Flugplatz und Flugsportverein Nötsch ( Noetsch )
Nottingham-Castle Donington UK - England EGNX EMA 2280 Nottingham East Midlands Airport   East Midlands Aeropark
Nottingham-Tollerton UK - England EGBN   1056 Truman Aviation - Operators of Nottingham Airport
Novara-Cameri Italy LIMN   2993 "Natale e Silvio Palli"  1° R.M.V.
Nove Mesto nad Metuji Czech Republic LKNM   850 Aeroklub Nové Mesto nad Metují
Nove Zamky Slovakia LZNZ   1000 Letisko Nové Zámky - Airport Nové Zamky
Novi Ligure Italy LIMR   1050 Aeroclub "Fulvio Padova" - Aeroporto di Novi Ligure
Novi Sad-Cenej Serbia LYNS QND 1430 Novi Sad - Aerodrom Cenej
Novo Mesto-Precna Slovenia LJNM   2000 Aeroklub Novo Mesto - letalisca Precna, Slovenija
Novosibirsk-Tolmachevo Russia UNNT OVB 3599 Tolmachevo International Airport
Nowy Targ Poland EPNT   1680 Aeroklubu Nowy Targ
Nummela Finland EFNU   1200 Nummela Aerodrome   Nummelan Lentokeskus ry (NLK)
Nurmijarvi-Savikko Finland EFNS   440 Nurmijärvi-Savikko airfield - EFNS
Nurmsi Estonia EENI   (2500) Skydiving - Nurmsi Lennuväli 
Nürnberg Germany EDDN NUE 2700 Airport Nürnberg   Aviation Friends Nürnberg   ACN
Nyiregyhaza Hungary LHNY   1000 Nyiregyhaza aerodrome   Tréner Kft. - repuloter Nyiregyhaza
Nykoping-Oxelosund Sweden ESKN NYO 2878 Welcome to Stockholm Skavsta Airport
Nymburk Czech Republik LKNY   600 Miniwing Klub LAA Nymburk - letiste UL.Letadel
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    Airfield  the name of the airfield in English or in the national language  
    ICAO indicator  international abbreviation code: the first 2 letters is the country-code  
    IATA indicator  international abbreviation code  
    Runway  length of the longest runway in meters  
    Information  link to a site with info about the airport, airbase, aerodrome or heliport  

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