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European Airfields -O-
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Airfield  Country ICAO IATA Runway Information
Oban United Kingdom EGEO OBN 1264 Oban Airport North Connel, Scotland   Oban & The Isles Airports
Ober-Mörlen Germany EDFP   660 Aero Club Bad Nauheim am Flugplatz Ober-Mörlen
Oberpfaffenhofen Germany EDMO OBF 2286 Flugsportgruppe im DLR Oberpfaffenhofen
Ocana Spain LEOC   1260 Aerodromo de Ocaña LEOC
Ochsenfurt Germany EDGJ   512 Flugsportclub Giebelstadt e.V.
Odense Beldringe Denmark EKOD ODE 1645 Odense Lufthavn - Hans Christian Andersen Airport
Odessa-Tsentralny Ukraine UKOO ODS 2800 aerodrom Odessa   Airport Odessa Ukraine
Odiham United Kingdom EGVO ODH 1830 RAF Odiham   RAF - 18 Squadron   RAF - 27 Squadron
Oehna-Zellendorf Germany EDBO   850 Verkehrslandeplatz Oehna-Zellendorf   Fläming Air
Oerlinghausen Germany EDLO   600 Flugplatz Oerlinghausen
Offenburg Germany EDTO   910 FGO - Flugplatz Offenburg   Fliegergruppe Offenburg
Ohrid "St. Paul the Apostle" Macedonia FYR LWOH OHD 2548 Ohrid Airport, Republic of Macedonia (FYROM)
Olbia Costa Smeralda Italy LIEO OLB 2445 Aeroporto Olbia Costa Smeralda Sardegna   Aero Club Olbia
Oldenburg-Hatten Germany EDWH   778 Flugplatz Hatten   Flugplatz Oldenburg-Hatten
Olomouc-Neredin Czech Republic LKOL OLO 760 Hanácký aeroklub Olomouc - letiste Olomouc-Neredin
Oloron-Herrere France LFCO   1080 Aéro-club d'Oloron - l'aérodrome Oloron-Herrère
Oostende Belgium EBOS OST 3200 Ostend - Bruges airport   Aviation Corner - Ostend Spotters
Oostende heliport Belgium EBNH Heliport NHV- Noordzee Helikopters Vlaanderen - Ostend heliport
Oostmalle-Zoersel Belgium EBZR OBL 799 Oostmalle airfield - EBZR
Oostwold - de Blauwe Stad Netherlands EHOW   900 vliegveld Oostwold-Oldambt - EHOW - Airport Blue City
Opole-Polska Nowa Wies Poland EPOP   750 aeroklub Opolski - lotnisko Polska Nowa Wies
Oppenheim Germany EDGP   800 Aeroclub Oppenheim - Sonderlandeplatz Oppenheim
Oradea Romania LROD OMR 1800 Aeroportul Oradea (OMR)
Orange-Caritat France LFMO   2411 Base Aérienne 115 - Capitaine de Seynes - Orange
Orebro-Bofors Sweden ESOE ORB 2302 Örebro-Bofors Airport   Örebro Flygklubb
Oripaa Finland EFOP   940 Oripää airfield   Oripään lentokenttä - Turku Flying Club
Oristano-Fenosu Italy LIER   1000 Aeroporto Fenuso-Oristano, regione Sardenga
Orland Airbase Norway ENOL OLA 2715 Orland hovedflystasjon
Orleans-Bricy France LFOJ ORE 2400 ba123 - Base aérienne 123 d'Orléans-Bricy   Aéroport de Orléans
Orleans-Saint-Denis de l'Hôtel France LFOZ   1000 aéroclub d'Orléans et du Loiret   Orléans voltige aérienne
Ornsköldsvik / Gidea Sweden ESNO OER 2000 Örnsköldsvik flygplats   Örnsköldsviks Motorflygklubb
Orsa-Tallhed Sweden ESNR   1000 Apollo UL-Bolaget - The Ultralight Company
Orsta-Volda Hovden Norway ENOV HOV 866 Volda Ørsta flyklubb   Orsta-Volda lufthamn, Hovden
Oschatz Germany EDOQ   850 Fliegerclub Oschatz e.V. - Sonderlandplatz Oschatz
Oschersleben Germany EDOL   600 Fliegerclub Oschersleben e.V.
Osijek-Cepin Croatia LDOC   1250 Aeroklub Osijek
Osijek-Klisa Croatia LDOS OSI 2500 Zracna Luka Osijek - Osijek Airport
Oskarshamn Sweden ESMO OSK 1500 Oskarshamn Airport   Oskarhamns Flygklubb
Oslo-Gardermoen Norway ENGM OSL 3600 Oslo Lufthavn   Gardermoen flystasjon   Spotting at Oslo
Oslo-Kjeller Norway ENKJ   1357 Oslo Flyveklubb   Nedre Romerike Flyklubb - Kjeller flyplass
Osnabrück-Achmer Germany EDXA   940 Osnabrücker Verein für Luftfahrt e.V. - Flugplatz Achmer
Osnabrück-Atterheide Germany EDWO   800 Flugplatz Osnabrück-Atterheide   Aero-Club Osnabrück
Ostersund-Froson Sweden ESPC OSD 2500 F 4 - Jämtlands flygflottilj   Åre Östersund Airport
Ostersund-Optand Sweden ESNM   800 Östersunds Flygklubb - Optands flygfält
Ostrava-Mosnov Czech Republic LKMT OSR 3500 Ostrava Airport   Aeroklub Ostrava - Mošnov aerodrome
Ostrava-Zabreh Czech Republic LKZA ZBE 900 Slezský aeroklub Zábreh - letiste Zabreh
Ostrow Wielkopolski Poland EPOM   884 Aeroklub Ostrowski - lotnisko Michalkow
Otocac-Licko Lesce Croatia LDRO   1620 Aerodrumu Otocac, Kroatien
Otrokovice Czech Republic LKOT   650 Zlin Aircraft - Letiste Otrokovice
Ottenschlag Austria LOAA   516 Flugplatz Ottenschlag
Ouessant Isle France LFEC   950 Ile d'Ouessant aerodrome   LFEC - Ouessant
Oulu-Ahmosuo Finland EFAH   800 Ahmosuon lentokenttä, Suomi   Oulun ilmailukerho
Oulu-Oulunsalo Finland EFOU OUL 2500 Oulun lentoasema - Oulu Airport  
Ovar Portugal LPOV   2400 Base Aérea Ovar - LPOV
Oviedo-La Morgal Spain LEMR   1000 Aeroclub Llanera - Aeródromo de La Morgal Llanera (Asturias)
Oxford-Chalgrove UK - England EGLJ   1301 Airfield Viewing Guide: Martin-Baker Chalgrove
Oxford-Kidlington UK - England EGTK OXF 1553 Oxford (Kidlingon) Airport EGTK/OXF   Eurocopter UK
Oyonnax-Arbent France LFLK   870 Aéroclub Jean Coutty Oyonnax - l'aérodrome d'Oyonnax
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    Airfield  the name of the airfield in English or in the national language  
    ICAO indicator  international abbreviation code: the first 2 letters is the country-code  
    IATA indicator  international abbreviation code  
    Runway  length of the longest runway in meters  
    Information  link to a site with info about the airport, airbase, aerodrome or heliport  

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