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OK-ZUP 02 Ison Aircraft (TEAM) MiniMAX

Wayne Ison designed in the early 70's an aircraft called the P.D.Q. It weighed only 220 lbs. and was actually an ultralight, licensed in the Experimental category. To produce and sell the kits of this aircraft TEAM (Tennessee Engineering and Manufacturing company) was established. The company produced kits for the Hi-Max; MiniMAX; Z-Max; Eros; V-Max; AirBike and Tandem AirBike. The MiniMAX can be ordered by the individual builder in a number of standard models: open or enclosed cockpit and a range of engines. TEAM Aircraft was renamed in ISON Aircraft. On 7 June 1997, MiniMAX OK-ZUP 02 was noted at Prilezy near Touzim in the Czech republic.

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D-mosb.jpg (184852 bytes)   D-MOSB Interplane Skyboy c/n 26-97

On 12 June 1997, Skyboy D-MOSB was seen in front of the assembly hall of Interplane at Zbraslavice, Czech. According to the data given by the "Sportfachgruppe Ultraleicht im DAeC" this Skyboy was registered D-MOSB at 11:20 on 2 April 1997. It was temporary registered in Germany under VVZ (Vorläufige Verkehrszulassung zum Zwecke der Erprobung). This Skyboy didn't get the license for Germany. In 2003 the improved Skyboy ZK finally received the license from the DAeC to fly in Germany.

  D-MHRG Fisher FP-202 Koala

The FP-202 Koala is a single seat plane designed by Wayne Ison in 1981 and produced since by Fisher Flying Products, Edgeley, USA. The Fisher FP202 "Koala" has been in production as a kit since about 1983. The craft uses all wood geodetic construction covered in standard aircraft covering materials. Standard features include an enclosed cockpit with removable side panels, large pneumatic tires, a steerable tailwheel, 5 gallon fuel tank, fibreglass cowl and full scale plans. Using the standard kit it takes about 500 hours to build a plane; using the Quick-Build kit it takes about 200 hours to build the plane. On 19 August 1990, Koala D-MHRG was photographed at Varrelbush aerodrome near Cloppenburg in Germany.

  D-MSTB HFL Flugzeugbau Stratos 300

The from glass fibre strengthened synthetic built "Stratos" is a product of HFL Flugzeugbau GmbH from Lüneburg in Germany. The length of the Stratos 300 is 6,3 meters; the wing-span is 12,60 meters. The 3-blade push-propeller of the Stratos 300 is driven by an air-cooled 2-cycle König SC-430 engine. The cruise speed of the Statos is 92 km/h; the maximum speed is 120 km/h. Through the large wing surface the Stratos can be flown with a minimum speed of 45 km/h and acts as an ultralight motorglider. On 6 August 1997, Stratos 300 D-MSTB was photographed at Flugplatz Oldenburg-Hatten in Germany.

  PH-3N1 Rans S-6S Coyote II c/n 020011359S

Rans Inc. started in 1983 with the production of aircraft and has delivered since over 4000 UL-aeroplanes complete or as a building package. The production-prototype of the Rans S-6 flew first in November 1988. The Rans S-6S entered production in 1993 and already over 1650 Rans S-6 Coyote II Series kits has been delivered since. The standard engine of the Rans S-6S is the Rotax 503; 582; 912 or 912S. The 2001-built Rans S-6S PH-3N1 however is equipped with a Subaru EA-81 engine. On 6 August 1997, Rans S-6S PH-3N1 was photographed at the former ULV airfield at the Maasvlakte in the Netherlands.

  OO-D24 Aviasud AE-209 Albatros c/n 129

Aviasud Engineering from Fréjus, France developed a largely from strengthened synthetic built 2-seat highwing ULM-aeroplane with push-propeller. Production of the AE-209 Albatros started in 1992. The Albatros is available with the 2-stroke Rotax 582 and the 4-stroke Rotax 912 engine. The Albatros classique is equipped with a tail wheel; the Albatros tricycle is equipped wit a nose wheel or tail wheel. The wings can be folded, which reduces the needed parking space in the hangar. Albatros Double Eagle OO-D24 was photographed at the ULM-airfield Baisy-Thy near Nivelles in Belgium. It was registered in France before as 59-ZI.

  D-MWHU SkyStar Kitfox Classic IV c/n 1860

The Kitfox was designed as a lightweight, two-place sport aircraft with excellent STOL (Short Takeoff and Landing) performance. In November 1984, Denney Aerocraft produced the first Kitfox kit in a small factory in Boise, Idaho, USA. The Kitfox evolved from the original Model 1 to continually improved versions referred to as the Models 2, 3, 4, and Classic 4. The Kitfox Model 4-1200, currently marketed under the name of the Kitfox Classic 4, is the final evolution of the original Denney Aerocraft Kitfox design that began in 1984. The Classic 4 kit has been sold continuously since late 1991. Over 4000 Kitfox kits have been delivered to builders throughout the United States, Canada, and over 42 foreign countries. In June 1992, SkyStar Aircraft Corporation purchased the rights to produce the Kitfox kit. On 3 May 2003, SkyStar Kitfox Classic IV D-MWHU was photographed at Griesau airfield near Pfatter in Germany.

  C-IGAX Thor 1-2 c/n T1 2 1028

The Thor 1-2 is designed by Thorsten B Strenger. This in 1984 in Canada built microlight weights only 146 kg. Ultralight aircraft in Germany are standard equipped with an Airframe Parachute System. This safety system lowers the entire aircraft to the ground in extreme emergencies. The Thor 1-2 has this rescue-system in the tube above the pilot-seat: in this tube is the parachute to land the aircraft safely when it has an engine failure. In 1991 the C-IGAX was removed from the Canadian register as exported. On 18 December 1993, Thor 1-2 C-IGAX was seen at Flugplatz Damme in Germany.

  59-CHP B&F Technik FK12 Comet c/n 59

FK-Lightplanes is a product of B&F Technik Vertriebs GmbH. Production of the airframes takes place in Krosno, Poland; assembly of the airframes and the final production of the aircraft in the factory in Speyer in Germany. Otto Funk (=FK) designed in 1959 on behalf of Heinkel in Speyer the metal glider Greif 1a (FK1). This was the start of the of a range of light aircraft developed by the Funk family. Peter Funk started in 1994 with the development of an Ultralight biplane, which went in production at the end of 1997 as the FK-12 Comet. The FK12 is with a max. speed of 220 km/h a fast aeroplane and today one of the best selling biplanes in Europe. The as 59-CHP in France registered FK12 was seen at the MLA aeredrome Baisy-Thy in Belgium.

  D-MOMF W.D.Flugzeug Leichtbau D4 Fascination BK

Wolfgang Dallach developed not only the Sunrise and Sunwheel but also the Fascination. The Fascination is produced by W.D. Flugzeug Leichtbau GmbH from Heubach, Germany. It is powered by a Rotax 912 UL or Rotax 912 ULS engine. The maximum speed of the D4 BK is restricted on 260 km/h. The Fascination is deliverable complete and as a kit. By the building package the GFK-shells of the fuselage and the wings are already glued. It takes still about 800 hours to build the plane out of the kit. Next to the Ultralight, the Fascination is available as a VLA. The D-MOMF was photographed at Stadtlohn-Wenningfeld airfield in Germany.

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