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 Groningen Airport Eelde  1990-1995

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  5V-TAH Aerospatiale AS.332 L1 Super Puma c/n 2120

On 6 April 1990, Togo Air Force AS332 L1 Super Puma 5V-TAH came in for fuel at Groningen Airport Eelde in the Netherlands when on delivery from Forus in Norway. Before it departed to Villacoublay in France, the next stop on the route to Togo, Jack Poelstra photographed the Super Puma. The 1984-built AS.332L was operated before as LN-OLE with Helikopter Service. In service with Togo Air Force-Escadrille Presidentialle the 5V-TAH was re-registered 5V-MCD. In December 1996, registration F-WQDX was allotted in France and finally the aircraft was registered G-BWZX in the UK with Bristow Helicopters Ltd. on 6 January 1997.

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PH-SGA Slingsby T.67C-3 Firefly c/n 2074

The Slingsby T.67 Firefly is a two-seat civil and military primary trainer. The RLS bought nine Slingsby T.67C-3 Firefly for the basic training in 1990. The T-67C-3 as bought by the RLS has wing tanks and a three-piece canopy. These aircraft replaced the eight Cessna F.152-II, operating in this role since 1980. When in August 1991 the KLM took over the RLS and transferred it into the KLM Luchtvaartschool: the aircraft were repainted in the basic KLM colours. Slingsby T.67C-3 c/n 2074 was testflown as G-7-137 and was registered PH-SGA with Directie Rijksluchtvaartschool on 4 September 1990. The Firefly was photographed in its KLS colours on 6 May 1993. After the PH-SGA was withdrawn from use by the KLS, the aircraft was sold in the UK and registered G-FLYG on 23 August 2002.

CCCP-75499 Ilyushin IL-18D "Moscow" c/n 188011004

Aeroflot Il-18D CCCP-75499 was photographed on the early morning of 12 November 1991. However this 1968-built aeroplane wears the Aeroflot colours, it is not a normal passenger aircraft. The Ilyushin was operated in a VIP-configuration on behalf of the Byelorussia Government. On 11 November, the Il-18D came in at Groningen Airport Eelde, the Netherlands, with a Belorussian trading delegation. Registration CCCP-75499 shown on the aircraft is in Cyrillic and means SSSR-75499. After the Soviet Union was split up, the Ilyushin was registered in Russia as RA-75499.

  CS-TMC Boeing 737-291 c/n 23024 l/n 965

In 1990 and 1991, AirSul operated the IT-charter program out of Groningen to Faro. Their Boeing 737 CS-TMC was photographed on 27 August 1990. This Boeing flew first on 3 May 1983 and was delivered as N7399F to Frontier Airlines on 27 May 1983. The N7399F was transferred to Continental Arlines on 27 October 1987. The GPA Group Ltd. bought the Boeing on 30 September 1988 and registered it as EI-BWC. After being leased to Indian Airlines (VT-EQJ) the Boeing was leased to Air Sul. After AirSul defunct, the Boeing returned to GPA as EI-BWC. It was operated as CS-TIS; CC-CDG; VP-BBM; CC-CVH before the Boeing was registered 5N-BFX with Bellview Airlines in Nigeria on 25 August 2003.

  CS-TIG Boeing 737-3K9 c/n 24213 l/n 1794

Air Atlantis operated the IT-charter program to Faro in 1992. The Boeing 737 CS-TIG of the Lisbon based Air Atlantis was photographed by Jack Poelstra on 15 June 1992. Air Atlantis was formed in May 1985, as a subsidiary of TAP and operated Boeing 707; Boeing 727 and Boeing 737 all leased from TAP. When the operations stopped early 1993 caused by insolvency the aircraft returned to TAP. Boeing 737 CS-TIG flew first on 9 November 1989 and was one of three subleased from Bavaria Flug. After the defunct of Air Atlantis the CS-TIG became part of the TAP-fleet. On 16 December 2001, Boeing 737-3K9 CS-TIG was registered PR-BRE with Brasil Rodo Aereo.

  CS-TKC Boeing 737-33A c/n 23830 l/n 1462

During the 1993 season the IT-charter program to Faro was operated by Air Columbus (BO/CNB). Air Columbus - Transporte Aéreo Nao Regular, S.A. was formed in 1989 and was based at Aeroporto do Funchal-Santa Catarina, Santa Cruz, Madeira, Portugal. Their Boeing 737 CS-TKC "Santa Maria" was photographed on July 12, 1993. Before entering service with Air Columbus this Boeing was registered LN-NOS with Norway Airlines Charter. After Air Columbus ceased their operations in 1994 the Boeing was returned to Norway Airlines Charter.

  PH-HVV Boeing 737-3K2 c/n 24329 l/n 1858

Transavia operates the bulk of the Eelde IT and charter program. Boeing 737 PH-HVV was served between two flights by Groundservice Groningen Airport when it was photographed on 1 June 1994. Boeing 737-3K2 PH-HVV flew first on 27 April 1990 and was delivered to Transavia Airlines on 11 May 1990. Since this Boeing was leased by Transavia to Air One (15/09/1996 - 03/06/1997 and 15/01/2001 - 28/03/2002). On 14 November 2002, registration PH-HVV was cancelled and the Boeing entered service with Norwegian Air Shuttle as LN-KKI.


ES-AAT Yakovlev YAK-40 c/n 9511639

Estonian Air was established as a state company on 1 December 1991, immediately after the re-establishment of Estonian independence. The airline is based at Tallinn Airport, Estonia. Their Yakovlev Yak-40 ES-AAT came in at Groningen Airport Eelde in the Netherlands on 3 July 1994. A number of Dutch authorities should fly with this Estonian Yak to Riga in Latvia. When the aircraft left for Riga with a delay of over an hour it was fully loaded, not only with passengers but also with barrels herring. The passengers on this flight had really the feeling if they were packed like sardines. The ES-AAT was registered before as CCCP-87347.

  OM-UGT SAAB 340B c/n 171

Since 1992 rheumatic-patients out of the Northern part of Holland are flown to Slovakia to take a cure. The first years the Czechoslovak airliner CSA operated on these flights with their ATR-72. In 1994 the flights were taken over by Tatra Air. On 25 September 1994, their SAAB 340B OM-UGT was the first aircraft registered in the Slovakia republic to visit Eelde. Before this aeroplane entered the Slovak register it was flown as OK-UGT; OO-RXM; HB-AHY and SE-F71. Nowadays it is operated as a SAAB 340B/F by NyxAir as ES-NSD (ex SE-KCH; 4L-GIA; 5Y-KFB; SE-KCY; SE-KCH).

  RSwedAF 60096 SAAB 105 / Sk 60B c/n 60096

The Swedish Air Force was a well seen guest at Eelde. The SAAB Sk 60 of F.5 Wing of the Royal Swedish Air Force (Kungliga Svenska Flygvapnet) visited Eelde not only on navigation flights: Team 60 came in when they needed fuel for the SAABs and the escorting Piper PA-31 and food for the crewmembers on route to the airshows in Europe. On 6 September 1993, "Team 60" was on the way back from an air show in Belgium when they were photographed. Forced by complaints of a small action group, Groningen Airport Eelde decided early 2002 to close the field for military aircraft. In October 2002, this measure was relaxed: limited millitary traffic is permited "Prior Permission is Required".

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