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 Groningen Airport Eelde  1995-2000


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  RAF XX248/CJ BAe Hawk T.1A c/n 321084

On 20 October 1943, during WWII seven members of the Royal Air Force 100sqdn. were killed when their Avro Lancaster was shot down over Eelderwolde. On 4 May 1995, a delegation of the 100 squadron came in from RAF Finningly with the BAe HawkT.1A XX193/CB; XX248/CJ & XX352/CP to be present at the memorial service for the victims of WWII in Eelde. The BAe Hawk T.1A is a two-seat basic and advanced jet trainer. BAe Hawk T.1A XX248 was delivered to the Royal Air Force as a BAe Hawk T.1 on 18 December 1978. in the period 1983-1986, 88 BAe Hawks T.1s were modified to carry two AIM-9L Sidewinder air-to-air missiles in addition to the centreline gun pod for a single 30mm ADEN cannon. These aircraft, including the XX248, were designated BAe Hawk T.1A.

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PH-FVC Embraer EMB.110P1 Bandeirante c/n 110-217

F'Airlines was established early 1995 and operated a number of EMB-110P Bandeirantes and Reims Cessna F.406 Caravan IIs. These feeder liners were operated on the scheduled services Enschede-Amsterdam and Groningen-Amsterdam. The Groningen-Amsterdam service was flown six times a day. In 1998, after F'Airlines was integrated in KLM Exel, KLM Exel decreased the number of flights on both services to three times a day. Within six months KLM Exel stopped the regular services. Embraer EMB.110P1 Bandeirante c/n 110-217 PH-FVC entered service with F'Airlines on 2 February 1997. It was registered before G-BNIX, N8536J, XC-DAB and PT-GMJ. On 22 January 1999, the Bandeirante was registered with to Sky Service bvba, Wevelgem, Belgium, as operator and Eurolease SA/NV, Belgium, as owner. Registration PH-FVC was cancelled on 7 February 2000 and the aircraft was registered in the UK as G-ODUB.

G-ZAPD Short SD360-100 c/n SH-3741

London-Stansted based Titan Airways was a regular visitor at the airport with their Cessna 404 Titan; ATR-42; Short SD3-60 and BAe146-200QC. Short SD3-60-100 G-ZAPD was seen on a passenger charter on 22 September 1998. The 1988-built Short SD360-100 was test flown as G-14-3741 and registered G-BOFK with Short Brothers PLC on 3 February 1988 and re-registered G-OLGW with Shorts Aircraft Financing on 1 September 1988. In 1992, the Shorts SD3-60 entered service with Titan Airways and was registered G-ZAPD on 6 August 1992. After Titan Airways sold the aircraft in December 2000 it was registered on 4 January 2001 with Computaplane Ltd. and ferried by them via Prestwick to the Miami-Opa Locka in the USA on 5 January 2001. Registration G-ZAPD was cancelled on 2 April 2001 and the Short was registered N875RR as a Short SD-360-300 with Roblex Aviation Corporation, Puerto Rico, on 4 April 2001.

  SE-ISG SAAB 340B c/n 162

Golden Air AB operates a number of SAAB 340 and 2000 airliners out of Trollhattan in Sweden. Golden Air operates next to scheduled flights to destinations in Finland and Sweden charter and air taxi flights. On 16 October 1999, Golden Air' SAAB 340B SE-ISG came in at Groningen Airport Eelde with guests for the launching of a cargo ship at one of the shipyards in Groningen. The next day, the airliner returned to Sweden. The SAAB 340B c/n 162 was flown first on 5 September 1989, and delivered as SE-ISG to Golden Air AB on 27 October 1989. The registered owner name of SAAB 340B SE-ISG was changed to Golden Air Flyg AB, Lidköping, on 30 December 2003. On 30 March 2009, the registered ownership changed to Erik Thun AB, Lidköping, with Golden Air Flyg AB as operator.

  G-MANA BAe.ATP / Jetstream 61 c/n 2056

The British Aerospace Advanced TurboProp or BAe.ATP is a twin turboprop airliner for up to 72 passengers, evolved from the earlier AVRO 748. Manx Airlines based at Ronaldsway Airport, Ballasalla, Isle of Man, operated a total seventeen of these airliners in the period 1988 - 2002. In the first weekend of September, it was almost a tradition that a Manx' BAe.ATP or Jetstream J61 came in on a passenger charter at Eelde. On these flights motorsport enthousiasts were flown in for the Super Bikes that took place at the TT-circuit in Assen that weekend. Not only with the Super Bikes, but also with other motorcycle events Manx Airlines was present at Eelde. BAe.ATP G-MANA was photographed during the Centennial TT on 10 May 1998.

  VR-CPO Bombardier Challenger CL.601-3R c/n 5165

The Jos L.Meyer-Werft in Papenburg, Germany, is well known for the cruise ships they build. Among these ships are the Galaxy and the Mercury. One of the customers of the shipyard is P&O Cruises. During the building of the cruise ships on behalf of P&O Cruises at the Meyer-Werft, P&O Aviation was a regular visitor at Groningen Airport Eelde, not only with their jets, but also with their Sikorsky S-76. Their Bombardier Challenger VR-CPO was photographed when in at Eelde on 16 May 1995. At that time, the MV Oriana was built at the Meyer Werft on behalve of P&O Cruises. When she entered service in 1995, the Oriana was one of the largest cruise ships in the world, and also the largest ship built in Germany since 1914. About the building of the Oriana, Discovery channel made a documentary.

  YR-BME Antonov An-24RV c/n 57310310

On 10 July 1997, TAROM - Transporturile Aeriene Române came in with their Antonov An-24RV YR-BME on a passenger charter with a Romanian football team. The Antonov An-24RV is a twin-engine transport aircraft for up to 5 crew and 50 passengers. The development of the An-24 (NATO reporting name 'Coke') started in 1957 as a replacement of the ageing LI-2 and Il-14's. The first of two prototypes flew on 20 October 1959. Deliveries of the An-24V started in 1962. The big difference between the Antonov An-24RV versus the An-24V is a small turbojet in the right engine nacelle to boost take-off performance. Over 1460 Antonov An-24 variants were built in Kiev, Irkutsk and Ulan Ude in the former USSR/Ukraine. An An-24 variant entered production in China as the Xian Y-7.


EC-GHD Boeing 737-3M8 s/n 25071 l/n 2039

In 1997, Air Europa operated the charter program to Las Palmas. On the Groningen-Las Palmas route they used both the Boeing 737 and the Boeing 757. Boeing 737 EC-GHD was seen on 5 February 1997. This Boeing flew first on 17 April 1991 and delivered as OO-LTN to TEA - Trans European Airways in Belgium on 29 May. On 21 December 1991, after TEA Belgium stopped her flying activities the aircraft was registered N682MA. On 13 May 1996, the Boeing was transferred to Air Europa in Spain and temporarely registered EC-262 On 30 July 1996, the Boeing was registered EC-GHD. On 24 November 2003, the Boeing was transferred to the Aviation Capital Group and registered in the USA as N250AT. In the 1998 season, Iberworld replaced Air Europa on the Groningen-Las Palmas service.

  N167F North American P-51D-25-NA Mustang c/n 122-40417

The 1944-built Mustang N167F of the Scandinavian Historic Flight Ltd. is not only a guest at the airshows in Europe. In 1989, painted in a green colourscheme and called "Cisco", it was one of the aircraft acting in the film "Memphis Belle". When seen at Eelde for refuelling on route England - Norway on 28 April 1996, it was painted in WWII USAF cs as 473877 "B6-S". The "Old Crow" saw RCAF service from 1951 to 1958 as 9279. It was registered: N6320T, CF-PCZ and N167F. After it crashed on 1 September 1968 in Euless, USA the airframe was rebuilt by Vintage aircraft of Ft. Collins. After the restoration was finished, the "Old Crow" made its first flight in 1985. The real "Old Crow" was USAAF serial 44-14450 from 357th Fighter Group, 363rd Fighter Squadron, 8th Air Force, Leiston, Suffolk, UK.

  FrenchAF 34/133-CG Morane-Saulnier MS.760 Paris IR c/n 34

On 1 January 1946, the Rijks Luchtvaart School Holland, the Dutch Government Flight Training School, was founded. Gilze-Rijen was selected as its operational base. On 3 October 1951, the Dutch government decided that the RLS had to move out of Gilze-Rijen to Eelde. On 16 August 1954, the R.L.S. fleet was finally flown to its new base. When the KLS celebrated in September 1996, all types of aircraft operated over the past 50 years were invited. In the period 1964-1976 seven Morane-Saulnier MS.760B.GFS Paris II jet trainers were operated. The French Air Force was invited and came in with Morane-Salnier MS.760 Paris IR 34 /133-CG. This 1959-built MS-760 Paris IR was one of 36 delivered to the French Air Force. The Paris was parked at the ramp between the KLS hangars.

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