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update  Groningen Airport Eelde

Aviationweb déjà vu is dedicated to the photography and history of aviation. The website is based on a archive aeroplane and helicopter images, built up since 1964. A substantial part of the archive is a colour transparency collection, the more recent photos are digital. A small selection of the images available, supplemented with historic information about the history of the aeroplane, MLA or helicopter and or its operators, is shown on thematic and individual pages. Next to the photo pages, the website contains a productionlist of the EC120 B helicopter and a data base with basic information and over 3000 links to aerodromes, airfields, airports, airbases and heliports in Europe sorted on the nearby city.

Eelde 1965 - 1970 photo history
  Eelde 1970 - 1975 photo history  
Eelde 1975 - 1980 photo history
Eelde 1980 - 1985 photo history
GAE 1985 - 1990 photo history NEW or updated  aeroplanes, including: airliners; fighters; etc.  
GAE 1990 - 1995 photo history D-IFKU 677 '3-JT' Dassault Mirage 2000D 680 '3-XM'  90-0831 91-0349 96-0081
GAE 1995 - 2000 photo history
GAE 2000 - 2005 photo history
  GAE 2005 - 2010 photo history D-IFKU FrenchAF 677/3-JT FrenchAF 680/3-XM "Buldogs" 90-0831 "Buldogs" 91-0349 "Buldogs" 96-0081  
GAE 2010 - 2018 photo history NEW or updated  in the: aeroplanes photo-history gallery
update Hoogeveen airfield OE-EFL  D-EARL J-5003 J-5007  J-5011  J-5026
Oldtimers - Biplanes
Cropsprayers images
Lifeliner-helicopters OE-EFL D-EARL SwissAF J-5003 SwissAF J-5007 SwissAF J-5011 SwissAF J-5026
update Helicopters in Emmen NEW or updated in the: helicopter photo-history gallery
new Flugplatz Dankern D-HHXH D-HWEC D-HNWE D-HHTJ  D-HTMJ G-ERDW 
Stadskanaal airfield
Airbus Helicopters EC120 B Colibri Airbus Helicopters EC120 B / HAI HC120 productionlist
update 01-1050  / 1051-1100 PH-HHW PH-ECD OM-MAY PH-UNN PH-KGJ OO-DTE
update 1101-1150  / 1151-1200
1201-1250  / 1251-1300
update 1301-1350  / 1351-1400 PH-HHW PH-ECD OM-MAY PH-UNN PH-KGJ OO-DTE
1401-1500 NEW or updated: PH-registered helicopters and / or Dutch military helicopters
update 1501-1600 PH-HDO PH-HOW A-465  PH-SHL PH-OSF PH-AVW 
update 1601-1700
HAI HC120 c/n 8001 and beyond
European Airfields NEW or updated  in the: MLA - Micro Light Aeroplanes photo-history gallery
update A B C D-E-F G H I-J K L M D-MMEY  PH-4R2 PH-4M6 PH-4R1 PH-4N7 PH-4H6
update N O P Q R S T U-V W-X-Y-Z
links and banners
colour slides D-MMEY PH-4R2 PH-3R5 PH-4R1 PH-4N7 PH-4H6
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